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Company: MyPortion Nutrition
OFFICE 1: MyPortion Nutrition, 1901 Medi-Park Drive, Suite 214
Amarillo, TEXAS 79106
PHONE: (806) 337-0906
Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness,Exercise Physiology,Education, Teaching, Training,Sports Nutrition,Weight Management
Company: Red Mountain Dietitian Services LLC
OFFICE 1: Red Mountain Nutrition, 2929 N Power Rd
Mesa, ARIZONA 85215
PHONE: 4802664122
IN BRIEF: Hi there, I am a Registered Dietitian who is passionate about integrating nutrition with fitness and lifestyle to assist individuals in achieving optimal health. ? My certifications include the following: Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist Certificate of Training in Obesity ...
Liver Disease,Alternative Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Eating Disorders,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Heart Disease,Dysphagia,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Education, Teaching, Training,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Stroke,Cholesterol Management,Renal Nutrition,Surgery,GI/Digestive Disorders,Hypertension,Writing for Online and Print,Menu Planning,Pulmonary Disease,Weight Management,Bariatric Surgery,Pathophysiology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Childhood Obesity,Healthy Eating,Home Health Nutrition Care,Food Safety,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: YourFide Dietitian -Nutritionist Services
OFFICE 1: YourFide Dietitian, 2330 Scenic Hwy
snellville, GEORGIA 30078
PHONE: 7708818651
Menu Planning,Wound Healing,Gerontology,Bone Disorders,Food Service,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Heart Disease,Dysphagia,Food Guide Pyramid,Pediatric Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,Weight Management,HIV/AIDS,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,General Nutrition, Wellness,Sports Nutrition,Exercise Physiology,Food Allergies,Liver Disease,Food Safety,Pulmonary Disease,Childhood Obesity,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Autoimmune Diseases,Renal Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Culinary Arts,Neonatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Recipe Development,Stroke,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Research,Eating Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Computer Nutrition Systems,Community Nutrition,Public Health,Neurology,Cholesterol Management,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Prenatal Nutrition,Hypertension,Cancer/Oncology,Education, Teaching, Training,Product Development,Vegetarianism,Writing for Online and Print,Home Health Nutrition Care,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Developmental Disorders,Postpartum Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Alternative Nutrition
Company: Fiona Aris, RD
OFFICE 1: , Bayridge & Princess
Kingston, ONTARIO K7P 2X2
PHONE: 613-561-1962
IN BRIEF: Fiona is an award-winning dietitian, with a wealth of experience in weight control, metabolic syndrome, bariatric surgery, chronic disease, digestive disorders, food allergies/intolerances, women’s health, senior’s health, and neurological disorders. She has over 25 years of experience working at Ha ...
Weight Management,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Prenatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,General Nutrition, Wellness,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Wound Healing,Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Cancer/Oncology,Postpartum Nutrition,Liver Disease,Childhood Obesity,Heart Disease,Food Allergies,Cholesterol Management,Bone Disorders,GI/Digestive Disorders,Pediatric Nutrition,Dieting,Vegetarianism,Dysphagia,Autoimmune Diseases,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Stroke,Renal Nutrition,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Pulmonary Disease
Company: Maya Feller Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , virtual
virtual, NEW YORK 11216
PHONE: 917-924-2673
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: Chrysalis Center for Counseling
OFFICE 1: Chrysalis Center for Counseling, 3240 Burnt Mill Dr. Ste 1
Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA 28403
PHONE: (910)790-9500
Eating Disorders
Company: AngieRDNutrition
OFFICE 1: Virtual - Angie RD Nutrition, 21315 Onaknoll Drive
Perris, CALIFORNIA 92570
PHONE: 7146862551
General Nutrition, Wellness,Vegetarianism,Bariatric Surgery,Hypertension,Dieting,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Education, Teaching, Training,Healthy Eating,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease
Company: Lauren Cornell Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Lauren Cornell Nutrition, 1014 Broadway 175
Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA 90401
PHONE: 4242593652
IN BRIEF: Lauren Cornell Nutrition provides medical nutrition therapy to adults & kiddos with gastrointestinal disorders or a clinical diagnosis for which nutritional guidance will improve their quality of life and provide them with longevity. LCN also provides sports & performance nutrition therapy to athlet ...
Liver Disease,Surgery,Writing for Online and Print,GI/Digestive Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Dysphagia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cancer/Oncology,Autoimmune Diseases,Neurology,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Heart Disease,Product Development,Postpartum Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Critical Care,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Sports Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Alternative Nutrition,Bone Disorders,Vegetarianism,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Pediatric Nutrition,Pulmonary Disease,Education, Teaching, Training,Stroke,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Menu Planning,Home Health Nutrition Care,Hypertension,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,HIV/AIDS,Prenatal Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Neonatal Nutrition,Food Allergies,Research,Wound Healing,Food Safety,Nutrient Analysis
Company: Firstfruits Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 136 Underhill Lane
Peekskill, NEW YORK 10566
PHONE: 8457343206
IN BRIEF: Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management
Healthy Eating,Pediatric Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management
Company: Transformative Nutrition & Fitness LLC
OFFICE 1: Diane Casey MS RD LD CLT, 1071 Fishinger Rd
Columbus, OHIO 43221
OFFICE 2: Diane Casey MS RD LD CLT, Englewood, FLORIDA 34223
PHONE: 614-323-2100
Healthy Eating,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,Sports Nutrition,Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Weight Management,Dieting,Food Allergies,General Nutrition, Wellness,Vegetarianism,Bone Disorders,Autoimmune Diseases,GI/Digestive Disorders
Company: Three Square Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Three Square Nutrition, 1345 Plaza Ct N, Suite 3A, #112
Lafayette, COLORADO 80026
PHONE: 7203812539
Heart Disease,Hypertension,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Vegetarianism,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Food Allergies,Pediatric Nutrition
Company: Nutrition by RD PLLC
OFFICE 1: Manhattan Office, 302 Fifth Ave, Suite 825
New York, NEW YORK 10001
OFFICE 2: Greenwich Office, Greenwich, CONNECTICUT 06831
PHONE: 9149073039
Heart Disease,Eating Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating
Company: Kristin Draayer Nutrition and Fitness
OFFICE 1: , Virtual
Kalamazoo, MICHIGAN 49008
PHONE: 2698063060
General Nutrition, Wellness,Writing for Online and Print,Eating Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Sports Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: Alison Eastwood, RDN, Dolores street
San francisco, CALIFORNIA 94131
PHONE: 415-987-0272
IN BRIEF: Kind and compassionate lifestyle coach empowering clients to improve their health span through goal setting and sustained behavior change.
Public Health,Food Guide Pyramid,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Menu Planning,Research,Postpartum Nutrition,Culinary Arts,Weight Management,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Recipe Development,Education, Teaching, Training,Prenatal Nutrition,Writing for Online and Print,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Sales and Marketing,Community Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Dieting,Stroke,Heart Disease,Healthy Eating,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Cholesterol Management,Food Allergies,Gerontology,Childhood Obesity,Hypertension,Nutrient Analysis
Company: Amanda Evans Nutrition Consulting
OFFICE 1: , Bridge Street
Charlevoix, MICHIGAN 49720
PHONE: 231-237-8100
Dieting,Heart Disease,Cholesterol Management,Postpartum Nutrition,Food Guide Pyramid,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Weight Management,Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: Maya Feller Nutrition & Dietetics PLLC
OFFICE 1: , Maya Feller Nutrition & Dietetics PLLC 1072 Bedford Ave #115 Brooklyn, NY 11216
Brooklyn, NEW YORK 11216
PHONE: 917-924-2673
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Eating Disorders,Hypertension,Cholesterol Management,Pediatric Nutrition
Company: Well Being--Nutrition & Wellness Services, LLC
OFFICE 1: Well Being--Nutrition & Wellness Services, LLC, 67276 Lamb Road
Cassopolis, MICHIGAN 49031
PHONE: 5748493130
IN BRIEF: As a Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coach and Certified Personal Trainer for over 20 years, I am committed to providing excellent nutrition therapy services with compassion and inclusivity. I have witnessed the harm caused by chronic dieting and eating disorders, and maintain expertise in eating dis ...
Hypertension,Exercise Physiology,Healthy Eating,Cholesterol Management,Eating Disorders,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Alternative Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , Northwest
Edmonton, ALBERTA T5M 4B5
PHONE: See my wix website
IN BRIEF: Hi, I’m Teri and I’m a weight loss dietitian. I help people who live in Alberta to lose weight and improve their health and wellness. I cover general healthy eating, intermittent fasting, and diets such as low carb, ketogenic (keto), low salt (e.g. DASH), and Mediterranean diets. I can do var ...
Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Renal Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Menu Planning,Food Safety,Recipe Development,Wound Healing,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Childhood Obesity,General Nutrition, Wellness,GI/Digestive Disorders,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Dieting,Postpartum Nutrition,Product Development,Vegetarianism,Heart Disease,Education, Teaching, Training,Surgery,Home Health Nutrition Care,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Alternative Nutrition,Computer Nutrition Systems,Pulmonary Disease,Cancer/Oncology,Cholesterol Management,Sales and Marketing,Prenatal Nutrition,Public Health,Culinary Arts,Rehabilitation,Food Guide Pyramid,Dysphagia,Food Allergies,Developmental Disorders,Stroke,Neurology,Exercise Physiology,Cornelia de Lange Syndrome,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Research,Liver Disease,Food Service,Eating Disorders,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Pediatric Nutrition,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Bone Disorders,Healthy Eating,Nutrient Analysis,Hypertension,Writing for Online and Print,Kitchen Design,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,HIV/AIDS,Neonatal Nutrition,Autoimmune Diseases,Gerontology,Weight Management,Pathophysiology
Company: Kimberly Gomer
OFFICE 1: Kimberly Gomer, 4770 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FLORIDA 33137
PHONE: 6095094969
IN BRIEF: I am a Dietitian (RDN) with a Master’s in Nutrition in private practice. I have 25 years of experience coaching clients for health and wellness with a specialty in weight management, diabetes, and insulin resistance. I was the Director of Nutrition at the Pritikin Longevity Center for 10 years and ...
Writing for Online and Print,GI/Digestive Disorders,Healthy Eating,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,General Nutrition, Wellness,Food Allergies,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Heart Disease,Alternative Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Menu Planning,Weight Management,Vegetarianism,Cholesterol Management,Bariatric Surgery
Company: Mix & Match Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Mix & Match Nutrition, Virtual
Chicago, ILLINOIS 60618
PHONE: 312-380-5764
IN BRIEF: I provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT) counseling sessions which are designed to meet your individual needs. I use evidence-based research in treating and reducing digestive problem complications, possibility of eliminating the need for medications and improving the overall health and quality of ...
Healthy Eating,Heart Disease,Hypertension,Cholesterol Management,Food Allergies,Weight Management,Renal Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: Jill Gulotta Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 280 Dobbs Ferry Road
White Plains, NEW YORK 10607
PHONE: 914-215-1037
IN BRIEF: Jill Gulotta is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist, and the owner of Jill Gulotta Nutrition. She holds a Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Jill also holds a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from ...
Healthy Eating,Dieting,General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,GI/Digestive Disorders,Autoimmune Diseases,Weight Management,Eating Disorders
Company: Embrace Life Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Embrace Life Nutrition, PO Box 52
Little Chute, WISCONSIN 54140
PHONE: 9208515407
IN BRIEF: Whether you were recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and want support managing your numbers, you are newly pregnant and want to ensure you are eating in a way that best supports you and your unborn baby, you have an eating disorder and need ongoing meal plan monitoring/support, or you are an ...
Public Health,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness,Writing for Online and Print,Postpartum Nutrition,Heart Disease,Food Allergies,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Community Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Vegetarianism,Pulmonary Disease,Liver Disease,Cancer/Oncology,Menu Planning,GI/Digestive Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Autoimmune Diseases,Prenatal Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Renal Nutrition,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Exercise Physiology,Sports Nutrition,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Eating Disorders,Wound Healing,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Rehabilitation,Hypertension
Company: Aging Well Nutrition Services
OFFICE 1: , 100 Spruce Ridge Drive
Spruce Grove , ALBERTA T7X0S5
PHONE: 7802037568
IN BRIEF: I am a geriatric dietitian and help caregivers navigate nutrition concerns of aging so that their loved ones can stay in their homes longer. During the last 8 years, I have worked in long-term care centres around the Edmonton area, advocating for better access to nutrition services for the residents ...
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Dysphagia,Home Health Nutrition Care,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Community Nutrition,Neurology,Wound Healing,Gerontology
Company: The Maple Center for Integrative Health
OFFICE 1: The Maple Center for Integrative Health, 70 W Honey Creek Pkwy
Terre Haute, INDIANA 47802
PHONE: 8122303937
Heart Disease,GI/Digestive Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Education, Teaching, Training,Sports Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Vegetarianism,Hypertension,Community Nutrition,Dieting,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,General Nutrition, Wellness,Food Allergies,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Healthy Eating,Alternative Nutrition,Food Guide Pyramid,Cholesterol Management
Company: Sherrill Johnson, RDN, LDN
OFFICE 1: The office of Sherrill Johnson, RDN, LDN, Northwest Highway
Palatine, ILLINOIS 60074
PHONE: 847-485-9236
IN BRIEF: A registered dietitian nutritionist helps clients establish healthy eating patterns and meet their long-term nutrition goals. This may include support for weight loss, treatment of a chronic disease such as diabetes, or help with vitamin supplements and meal planning. Working with an expert can ensu ...
Bariatric Surgery,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Nutrient Analysis,Food Service,Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Dieting,GI/Digestive Disorders,Menu Planning,Food Guide Pyramid,Vegetarianism,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Food Safety,Heart Disease,Wound Healing,Community Nutrition,Autoimmune Diseases,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Healthy Eating
Company: Sarah Kendell RD
OFFICE 1: , 100% Online
Windsor and virtually across Ontario, ONTARIO N0R 1G0
PHONE: 226-705-0336
IN BRIEF: Sarah's approach is ideal for anyone who has struggled with: restrictive dieting, binge eating, disordered eating, chronic dieting, and feelings of guilt and shame around food. By adopting a weight-inclusive and trauma-informed approach, Sarah can guide you towards a nourishing, flexible, and peacef ...
General Nutrition, Wellness,Vegetarianism,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Eating Disorders
Company: Nourish
OFFICE 1: Nourish, 3724 Jefferson St
Austin, TEXAS 78731
PHONE: 512-399-9039
General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Weight Management,Heart Disease
Company: ALIVE+WELL Nutrition
OFFICE 1: ALIVE+WELL Nutrition, 4 Water Street
Brooklyn, NEW YORK 11201
PHONE: 6467042696
IN BRIEF: Anthea Levi, MS, RD, CDN, is a registered dietitian, founder of ALIVE+WELL Nutrition, and health reporter based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Emory University and Master’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at New York University. Anthea completed her dietetic int ...
Heart Disease,Healthy Eating,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Writing for Online and Print,Postpartum Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Vegetarianism,Menu Planning,Hypertension
Company: Married to Health
OFFICE 1: Married to Health, 4533 MacArthur Boulevard #5228
Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA 92660
OFFICE 2: Married to Health, Global Telehealth, ALBERTA 12345
PHONE: 949-732-1707
IN BRIEF: James is an Integrative Registered Dietitian who specializes in using whole plant-foods as a form of Medical Nutrition Therapy. James has used his knowledge of food and the environment to help hundreds of his patients prevent and reverse diseases focused in the gut like SIBO, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis ...
Alternative Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Food Allergies,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print
Company: Sidebar Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Jamie Mastroberti MS, RDN - Sidebar Nutrition, 40 Buttonwood Drive
Fair Haven, NEW JERSEY 07704
PHONE: 732-977-9507
Writing for Online and Print,Hypertension,Recipe Development,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Menu Planning,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , Virtual Nutrition Counseling
Bend, OREGON 97701
GI/Digestive Disorders,Eating Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: New York Nutrition Group
OFFICE 1: New York Nutrition Group, 277 Park Avenue
New York City, NEW YORK 10016
PHONE: 855-454-0506
IN BRIEF: Sam believes nutrition counseling is best approached as a process versus seeking a specific outcome.  He believes that small behavior changes can have a big impact.  Sam focuses on connecting clients to their own definition of health and well-being through dialogue, mindfulness exercises and reflect ...
Heart Disease,Dieting,Culinary Arts,Hypertension,Weight Management,Education, Teaching, Training,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Public Health,Surgery,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Healthy Eating,Dysphagia,Cholesterol Management,Critical Care,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,Community Nutrition,Wound Healing,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,GI/Digestive Disorders,HIV/AIDS,Vegetarianism
Company: Odyssey Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 2523 Nashville Ave
New Orleans, LOUISIANA 70115
PHONE: 5044342064
IN BRIEF: Welcome to Odyssey Nutrition! I am a dedicated and passionate dietitian with a strong foundation in public health and clinical nutrition. My journey in the field of nutrition has led me to specialize in chronic disease management and prevention, with a strong emphasis on sustainable changes. With ...
Weight Management,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Menu Planning,Cholesterol Management,Community Nutrition,Heart Disease,Gerontology,Wound Healing,Food Allergies,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Stroke
Company: Maya Feller Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Maya Feller Nutrition & Dietetics PLLC, virtual
virtual, NEW YORK 11216
PHONE: 917-924-2673
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: Rooted Recovery, LLC
OFFICE 1: , Virtual Office
Rockville, MARYLAND 20853
PHONE: 301-284-8469
Eating Disorders,Education, Teaching, Training,Dieting,General Nutrition, Wellness,Sports Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Exercise Physiology
Company: Devoted Recovery
OFFICE 1: Devoted Recovery, 10560 Main St, Suite 410C
PHONE: 703-348-5271
GI/Digestive Disorders,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Healthy Eating,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pediatric Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Eating Disorders
Company: Lauren Cornell Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Lauren Cornell Nutrition, 1014 Broadway 175
Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA 90401
PHONE: (424) 259-3652
IN BRIEF: Lauren Cornell Nutrition provides medical nutrition therapy to adults & kiddos with gastrointestinal disorders or a clinical diagnosis for which nutritional guidance will improve their quality of life and provide them with longevity. LCN also provides sports & performance nutrition therapy to athlet ...
Pediatric Nutrition,Cancer/Oncology,Food Allergies,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Autoimmune Diseases,Sports Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Exercise Physiology,Postpartum Nutrition,Surgery,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Neurology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Bone Disorders,Cholesterol Management,Healthy Eating,Pulmonary Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Home Health Nutrition Care,Liver Disease,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Nutrient Analysis,HIV/AIDS,General Nutrition, Wellness,Hypertension,Dysphagia,Vegetarianism,Heart Disease
Company: TeamNutrition
OFFICE 1: TeamNutrition Halifax, 6432 Quinpool Rd
Halifax, NOVA SCOTIA B3L 1A8
PHONE: (902) 800-2684
Food Allergies,Postpartum Nutrition,Dieting,Cancer/Oncology,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Weight Management,Sports Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Eating Disorders,Cholesterol Management,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Nutrient Analysis,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,Hypertension,Recipe Development,Vegetarianism,Food Guide Pyramid,Liver Disease,Childhood Obesity,Healthy Eating,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: Malak Saddy Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 4044 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, ILLINOIS 60618
PHONE: 5178970921
IN BRIEF: Malak Saddy RD, LD/LDN, CEDS-S, is a dietitian in private practice in seeing clients in person and virtually in Chicago and virtually in the states of Illinois, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. She is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Licensed Body Positive Facilitator, and a non-diet ...
Eating Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Public Speaking, Lecturing
Company: Rooted Recovery, LLC
OFFICE 1: , Virtual Office
Rockville, MARYLAND 20850
PHONE: 301-244-9265
IN BRIEF: As a dietitian with a non-diet approach, my nutrition philosophy is rooted in intuitive eating, honoring our bodies, and experiencing joyful movement. I believe that everyone deserves a peaceful relationship with food, movement and their bodies. I work with clients who struggle with food labeling/ju ...
Menu Planning,Food Allergies,Eating Disorders,Sports Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: Shelby Santin Nutrition Counseling
OFFICE 1: , 140 Little Falls Street
Falls Church, VIRGINIA 22046
PHONE: 202-643-0416
IN BRIEF: I am a weight inclusive Registered Dietitian and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. I work with clients on developing a healthier relationship with food, exercise and body image. I work with both adolescents, families and adults.
Eating Disorders
Company: Gretchen Stalters,RD Nutrition Cons.
OFFICE 1: , 1 Commerce St
Lincoln, RHODE ISLAND 02865
PHONE: 5086220813
IN BRIEF: Over 35 years of experience working with children and adults with a variety of health issues. Encourage intuitive eating, making gradual changes with their personal health to feel well.
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Food Allergies,Heart Disease,Pediatric Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Eating Disorders,Hypertension,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Company: Diet Redefined
OFFICE 1: , Virtual
PHONE: 6475706605
IN BRIEF: I'm Helen, a dietitian who specializes in weight loss for busy professionals! If you've tried diets in the past, struggle to keep weight off, or are confused on how to lose weight because nothing seems to work, then you've come to the right place. I empower people just like you to lose weight ...
Sports Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Nutrient Analysis,Vegetarianism,Weight Management,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension
OFFICE 1: Illuminate Cultural Nutrition And Wellness, 140 Towerview Ct Suite 102
PHONE: 910-290-6479
IN BRIEF: Willande Unelus, MA, RD, LDN, CHN Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Having a lot of experience and knowledge in cultural nutrition has motivated me to work with clients in that area of nutrition. I aim to support clients who really value their cultural foods as they work on improving he ...
Liver Disease,Food Allergies,Healthy Eating,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Culinary Arts,Cholesterol Management,Alternative Nutrition,Hypertension,Vegetarianism
Company: Olive Branch Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Olive Branch Nutrition - NY, 27 West 60th Street #20816
New York, NEW YORK 10023
OFFICE 2: Olive Branch Nutrition - WA, Seattle, WASHINGTON 98122
PHONE: 6468018789
IN BRIEF: Olive Branch Nutrition provides compassionate and collaborative care for those interested in exploring gentle nutrition, intuitive eating, body neutrality, and freedom from dieting. We specialize in nutrition therapy for eating disorders and disordered eating patterns including anorexia, bulimia, bi ...
Heart Disease,Hypertension,Autoimmune Diseases,Eating Disorders,Food Allergies,Education, Teaching, Training,Menu Planning,Cancer/Oncology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Alternative Nutrition,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
Company: Chrysalis Center for Counseling & Eating Disorder Treatment
OFFICE 1: Chrysalis Center for Counseling & Eating Disorder Treatment, 3240 Burnt Mill Dr. Suite 1
Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA 28403
PHONE: 910-790-9500
Menu Planning,Weight Management,Eating Disorders,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness,Bariatric Surgery
Company: Yates Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Yates Nutrition, n/a
Elkhorn, NEBRASKA 68022
PHONE: 4025097776
Eating Disorders,Dieting
Company: CarlynRD
OFFICE 1: CarlynRD, 369 NE Revere St
Bend , OREGON 97701
PHONE: 541 241 6619
IN BRIEF: Hey there! I'm Carlyn Young, a Registered Dietitian practicing in Bend, OR for the past nine years. You can find my office conveniently located on the corner of 4th and Revere, within Fluid Strength gym. I take pride in being personable and approachable, ensuring that my clients feel comfortable dis ...
Education, Teaching, Training,Pediatric Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Recipe Development,Weight Management,Wound Healing,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Prenatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Nutrient Analysis,Food Service,Renal Nutrition,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Eating Disorders,GI/Digestive Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Hypertension,Heart Disease,Postpartum Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Vegetarianism
Company: NutriVie Santé
OFFICE 1: NutriVie Sante, 1200 Avenue Atwater
Westmount, QUEBEC H3Z 1X4
OFFICE 2: NutriVie Santé, Dollard des Ormeaux, QUEBEC H9G 1X1
PHONE: 5149655175
IN BRIEF: Jaimie Yue is a registered dietitian based in Montreal. A graduate from McGill University and member of the Ordre Professionel des Diététistes et Nutritionnistes (ODNQ) du Québec, she is passionate about healthy living and cooking. Having worked for more than 5 years at the Montreal Diet Dispensa ...
Childhood Obesity,Hypertension,Eating Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Healthy Eating,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,GI/Digestive Disorders,Cholesterol Management,Vegetarianism,Heart Disease,Postpartum Nutrition
Company: Intuition Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Intuition Nutrition, 84 York Street
London, ONTARIO N6A 1A7
PHONE: 226-702-0734
Gerontology,Pediatric Nutrition,Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Postpartum Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Writing for Online and Print,GI/Digestive Disorders,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Cholesterol Management,Eating Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Dieting,Prenatal Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vegetarianism,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,General Nutrition, Wellness