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Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , 1235 W Main St.
Merced, CALIFORNIA 95340
PHONE: 5592132462
Community Nutrition,Pediatric Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding
Company: Self Employed
OFFICE 1: , 5001 Birch St
Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA 92660
PHONE: (714)482-3596
IN BRIEF: Are you lacking energy and struggling with figuring out the best foods for your kidney-friendly diet? Get more energy, release the frustration with your diet, and keep doing the things you love in your life. I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition with over ...
Menu Planning,Stroke,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Renal Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Cholesterol Management,Healthy Eating,Community Nutrition,Surgery,Food Guide Pyramid,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Home Health Nutrition Care,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Hypertension,Rehabilitation
Company: AmbiNourish Corp
OFFICE 1: , Leona Dr
Hayward, CALIFORNIA 94542
PHONE: 510-409-8590
IN BRIEF: Over 24 years of experience in clinical nutrition gives me a depth of knowledge to share with you. Particularly if you are concerned with weight, diabetes, diet and inflammation. Or you have other nutrition and lifestyle needs. My experiences range from working in hospitals providing critical ...
General Nutrition, Wellness,Cancer/Oncology,Dysphagia,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Vegetarianism,Critical Care,Sports Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Bariatric Surgery
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 100 Foothill Rd. Suite D-6, Markleeville, CALIFORNIA 96120
PHONE: 530-694-2129
General Nutrition, Wellness,Community Nutrition,Healthy Eating
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 27022 carranza dr., mission viejo, CALIFORNIA 92691
PHONE: 714 310 5035
IN BRIEF: Mona Cabrera, M. S. ,R. D is a nutrition and fitness expert who has taken her passion for wellness and fitness and has helped a variety of clients manage their health issues. My goal at Dial Nutrition, is to help you make better choices that will lead you to live a healthier and happy life.
Community Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Hypertension,Sports Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Vegetarianism,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Healthy Eating,Education, Teaching, Training,Heart Disease,Prenatal Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,Food Guide Pyramid,General Nutrition, Wellness,Postpartum Nutrition
Company: Fueled by Leo
OFFICE 1: Stewart Integrative Psychological Services, 5100 North 6th St. Suite #135
Fresno, CALIFORNIA 93710
PHONE: 559-512-0404
IN BRIEF: I am a bilingual (Spanish) dietitian with years of experience in nutrition counseling and education. I have worked with different age groups from infancy to geriatrics. I have experience in chronic disease management, renal disease, maternal nutrition, general nutrition and more. I am about the clie ...
Nutrient Analysis,Cholesterol Management,Liver Disease,GI/Digestive Disorders,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Childhood Obesity,Wound Healing,Healthy Eating,Education, Teaching, Training,Stroke,Hypertension,Alternative Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Food Allergies,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Vegetarianism,Prenatal Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Public Health,Gerontology,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,General Nutrition, Wellness,Food Guide Pyramid,Pediatric Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Bone Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Postpartum Nutrition,Dieting
Company: Carlsbad by the Sea
OFFICE 1: 2855 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA 92008
PHONE: 760-815-5645
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Gerontology
Company: Santa Ynez Valley Nutritionist
OFFICE 1: 3301 Numancia St, Santa Ynez, CALIFORNIA 93460
OFFICE 2: 90 Via Juana Lane, Santa Ynez, CALIFORNIA 93460
PHONE: 805-931-4778
IN BRIEF: I provide nutritional counseling for weight loss, diabetes, and various chronic conditions in the Santa Ynez Valley and outlying areas. I have over 21 years experience in medical nutrition therapy and operate a private practice mobile service and see clients as a part time educator at the Santa Ynez ...
Sports Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Exercise Physiology,Public Health,Postpartum Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Weight Management,Critical Care,Stroke,Liver Disease,Pediatric Nutrition,Food Safety,Pulmonary Disease,Food Guide Pyramid,Heart Disease,Cholesterol Management,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Neurology,Renal Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,Wound Healing,Computer Nutrition Systems,Vegetarianism,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Menu Planning,Surgery,Dysphagia,Education, Teaching, Training,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Hypertension,Prenatal Nutrition
Company: Ciuffini Nutrition Services
OFFICE 1: , 5276 Hollister, Suite 151
Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA 93111
PHONE: 805-450-3079
Heart Disease,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Sports Nutrition,Pulmonary Disease,Community Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,GI/Digestive Disorders,Hypertension,Pediatric Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
PHONE: 337-935-9158
Menu Planning,Community Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Dieting,Healthy Eating,Prenatal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,Heart Disease,Research,Sports Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Bone Disorders,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Gerontology,Food Guide Pyramid,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Hypertension,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Stroke,Childhood Obesity,Culinary Arts,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Pediatric Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Cancer/Oncology,GI/Digestive Disorders,Weight Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Computer Nutrition Systems
Company: Ginetics
OFFICE 1: 145 Corte Madera Town Center, Suite 173
Corte Madera, CALIFORNIA 94925
PHONE: 7738525486
Public Speaking, Lecturing,Culinary Arts,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Writing for Online and Print,Sales and Marketing,Exercise Physiology,Product Development,Sports Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Kitchen Design,Cancer/Oncology,Healthy Eating,Dieting,Weight Management,Vegetarianism
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 21 Tamal Vista Blvd , Suite 208
Corte Madera, CALIFORNIA 94925
PHONE: 888-945-6887 x 83
IN BRIEF: Do you find restrictive eating is causing you to obsess about food, overeat, or binge, leading to frustration, guilt, or shame? If so, I can help. I specialize in helping clients break free of the vicious cycles of dieting & disordered eating, which wreak havoc on our physical health as well as our ...
Cholesterol Management,Stroke,Weight Management,Sports Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,General Nutrition, Wellness,Eating Disorders,Healthy Eating,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Vegetarianism,Prenatal Nutrition,Heart Disease,Hypertension,Food Allergies,Menu Planning,Postpartum Nutrition
Company: Julie Freeman Nutrition Services
OFFICE 1: Julie Freeman Nutrition Services, 635 W De La Guerra St
Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA 93101
PHONE: 7812379016
IN BRIEF: "I believe we all have the innate power to create vitality in our lives. That is why I have dedicated my life to integrative medicine as a nutritionist and mental health professional. I have over 35 years’ experience helping women, men, children and corporate culture transform their lives. I supp ...
Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Menu Planning,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Cancer/Oncology,Dieting,Community Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Education, Teaching, Training,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Healthy Eating,Weight Management,Bone Disorders,Autoimmune Diseases,Alternative Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Heart Disease,Food Allergies,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Public Health,Hypertension,Recipe Development,Childhood Obesity,Eating Disorders,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Culinary Arts,General Nutrition, Wellness,Writing for Online and Print
Company: Shiromi P. Geffrey, M.S., R.D.N.
OFFICE 1: Shiromi P. Geffrey, M.S., R.D.N., 4050 Katella Ave, Suite 102
Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA 90720
PHONE: 562.493.0242
IN BRIEF: Many people know what they like to eat and even the caloric content and composition of each morsel they put in their mouth. I will assist you to learn why and how to put it all together to achieve the best metabolism possible through your food intake and exercise program. Helping you to become mor ...
Vegetarianism,Eating Disorders,Heart Disease,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,GI/Digestive Disorders,Sports Nutrition,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management
Company: Healthy Me OC
OFFICE 1: Healthy Me OC, 1220 Bison Ave, Suite A6
Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA 92660
PHONE: 9496323118
IN BRIEF: All the resources you need to set yourself up for success, from nutrition counseling, grocery store tours, cooking classes and weekly meal plans, are presented to you in a way that is simple. Tallene is an expert Registered Dietitian who provides these resources as well as an incredible support syst ...
Hypertension,Childhood Obesity,Healthy Eating,Education, Teaching, Training,Bariatric Surgery,Public Speaking, Lecturing,GI/Digestive Disorders,Heart Disease,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Writing for Online and Print,Kitchen Design,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Pediatric Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Gerontology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,Nutrient Analysis,Product Development,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Food Allergies,Culinary Arts,Eating Disorders,Cholesterol Management,Menu Planning,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness,Dieting,Autoimmune Diseases
Company: Pacific Nutrition Partners
OFFICE 1: Pacific Nutrition Partners, 4160 Klump Avenue
Studio City, CALIFORNIA 91602
PHONE: 310-801-3418
IN BRIEF: I use a food-first integrative approach to address nutrition-related health issues. Our relationship will be a partnership. We start with a full dietary and lifestyle assessment to understand your unique situation, genetics, lifestyle, taste preferences, and health goals. Together we create a person ...
Cancer/Oncology,Cholesterol Management,Stroke,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Public Health,Autoimmune Diseases,Heart Disease,Sports Nutrition,Gerontology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Nutrient Analysis,Vegetarianism,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Hypertension
Company: Dr. Jennifer Shapiro & Associates
OFFICE 1: Dr. Jennifer Shapiro & Associates, 6540 Lusk Blvd Suite C277
San Diego, CALIFORNIA 92121
PHONE: 619-825-0499(Ext: 9)
IN BRIEF: Working through difficulties with food and body image when recovering from an eating disorder can be incredibly hard. I am here to support you on that challenging, but so-very-worth-it journey. As a Master's level Registered Dietitian with extensive Eating Disorders training, I specialize in providi ...
Pediatric Nutrition,Eating Disorders
Company: Clever Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Clever Nutrition, 5211 W. Goshen Ave #118
PHONE: 4156948963
Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Critical Care
Company: SJ Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 17134 Colima Road Ste. E, Hacienda Height, CALIFORNIA 91745
PHONE: 6263870196
Cholesterol Management,Food Allergies,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Education, Teaching, Training,Dieting,Prenatal Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Pediatric Nutrition,Public Health,Postpartum Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Childhood Obesity,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Eating Disorders
Company: MissBrittRD
OFFICE 1: , 101 Parkshore Drive
Folsom, CALIFORNIA 95630
PHONE: 209-791-0234
General Nutrition, Wellness,Renal Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Sports Nutrition,Autoimmune Diseases,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Healthy Eating,Weight Management,Bariatric Surgery,Childhood Obesity,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,GI/Digestive Disorders
Company: The Nutrition Equation
OFFICE 1: Fountain Park Dr, Playa Vista, CALIFORNIA 90094
PHONE: 760-832-5522
Sports Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Autoimmune Diseases,Exercise Physiology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Childhood Obesity,Wound Healing,Bariatric Surgery,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Neonatal Nutrition,Cancer/Oncology,Renal Nutrition,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Nutrient Analysis,Menu Planning,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Writing for Online and Print,Eating Disorders,Healthy Eating,Pediatric Nutrition,Weight Management
Company: Willow: Mind & Body, Collaborative Psychological & Nutrition Counseling
OFFICE 1: Willow: Mind & Body Collaborative Psychological & Nutrition Services, 200 Tamal Plaza, Suite 130
Corte Madera, CALIFORNIA 94925
PHONE: 650-383-0317
IN BRIEF: Kacey Legnitto is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, and an Intuitive Eating Certified Counselor. She specializes in supporting others through eating disorder recovery, disordered eating recovery, becoming an intuitive eater, and in sports nutrition. Kacey also s ...
Eating Disorders,GI/Digestive Disorders,Pediatric Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: Nutritionbite LLC
OFFICE 1: 1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90403
PHONE: 310-526-7872
Weight Management,Eating Disorders
Company: The Autism RD
OFFICE 1: 1714 Stone Creek Drive, Petaluma, CALIFORNIA 94954
PHONE: (707) 358-3041
IN BRIEF: Autism is a treatable disorder! There is hope that your child can be on the road to recovery! Much of the damage to our children created by our toxic environment and unhealthy foods can be reversed! Recent advances in the understanding of the genetics of autism, as well as the complex interplay of e ...
Developmental Disorders,Alternative Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Food Allergies,Pediatric Nutrition
Company: Married to Health
OFFICE 1: Caduceus Specialty, 18300 Yorba Linda Blvd, Suite 204
Yorba Linda, CALIFORNIA 92886
OFFICE 2: Online Visits, Anywhere, CALIFORNIA 12345
PHONE: 9493735559
IN BRIEF: James Marin is a Holistic Registered Dietitian and Environmental Nutritionist who specializes in plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. He takes a broad approach when it comes to the wellbeing of his patients by looking at all aspects that affect biological functions in the body. James has be ...
Pediatric Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Writing for Online and Print,Cancer/Oncology,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Public Health,Neurology,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Liver Disease,Renal Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Childhood Obesity,Community Nutrition,Computer Nutrition Systems,Autoimmune Diseases,Alternative Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Stroke,Home Health Nutrition Care,Hypertension,Heart Disease,Neonatal Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Prenatal Nutrition
Company: Intentional Coaching LLC
PHONE: 337-654-1064
Food Allergies,General Nutrition, Wellness,Education, Teaching, Training,Public Speaking, Lecturing
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , 716 S Los Angeles St
los angeles, CALIFORNIA 90014
PHONE: 301-356-2826
IN BRIEF: specializing in pediatric nutrition, especially tube feedings, TPN, underweight, overweight, picky eaters, GI disorders, congenital heart defects, and diabetes, with the simple focus on real food.
Neonatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Childhood Obesity,GI/Digestive Disorders,Heart Disease,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Alternative Nutrition,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Pediatric Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets
Company: Nicole Merryman Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 150 Raleys Towne Centre #3033
Rohnert Park, CALIFORNIA 94928
PHONE: 707-583-1277
IN BRIEF: Hi! My name is Nicole Merryman and I run a private practice based in California that offers online, individual nutrition consulting. At Nicole Merryman Nutrition, my mission is to help adults who feel frustrated with restrictive dieting methods by teaching them simple, mindful and sustainable practi ...
General Nutrition, Wellness,Dieting,Healthy Eating
Company: Linda Michaelis RD MS
OFFICE 1: 250 Saint Paul Drive, Alamo, CALIFORNIA 94507
PHONE: 9258550150
Pediatric Nutrition,Hypertension,Sports Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Education, Teaching, Training,Dieting,Community Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,Postpartum Nutrition,Wound Healing,Weight Management,Bariatric Surgery,Cholesterol Management,Food Allergies,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Prenatal Nutrition,Menu Planning,Eating Disorders,Healthy Eating
Company: Nutri Savvy Health
OFFICE 1: 1911 N. Hobart Blvd., Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90027
PHONE: 323-806-6420
IN BRIEF: Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN, RYT is a Los Angeles based registered dietitian, yoga teacher and founder of Nutri Savvy Health. Her motto: “Discover the Joy of Whole Body Nutrition”. Besides authoring her own blog, she is a health writer, menu developer and nutritional consultant with articles and recipe ...
Cholesterol Management,Recipe Development,Menu Planning,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Community Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Hypertension,Writing for Online and Print,GI/Digestive Disorders,Nutrient Analysis,Weight Management,Dieting,Culinary Arts
Company: DP Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 24050 Madison Street, Torrance, CALIFORNIA 90505
PHONE: 310-894-2324
Vegetarianism,Heart Disease,Pediatric Nutrition,Hypertension,Cholesterol Management,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Postpartum Nutrition,Food Allergies,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Prenatal Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Gerontology,Weight Management,Healthy Eating,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding
Company: Healthy Lifestyles
OFFICE 1: 924 Desirade Ave W, Venice, FLORIDA 34285
PHONE: 9417165669
Public Speaking, Lecturing,Healthy Eating,Community Nutrition,Weight Management
Company: Food FUNdamentals
OFFICE 1: 933 N. Main street, Ste A-4, (by appointment only)
Salinas, CALIFORNIA 93906
PHONE: 8317537071
Culinary Arts,Hypertension,Nutrient Analysis,Public Speaking, Lecturing,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Menu Planning,Public Health,Writing for Online and Print,Gerontology,Food Service,Food Safety,Product Development,Kitchen Design,Developmental Disorders,Research,Recipe Development,Education, Teaching, Training,Community Nutrition,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Heart Disease
Company: Miss
OFFICE 1: , n/a
PHONE: 9099915079
Education, Teaching, Training,Bariatric Surgery,Cancer/Oncology,Childhood Obesity,Wound Healing,GI/Digestive Disorders,Eating Disorders,Autoimmune Diseases,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Alternative Nutrition,Product Development,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Dysphagia,Dieting,Vegetarianism,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Food Guide Pyramid,Renal Nutrition,Hypertension,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Healthy Eating,Postpartum Nutrition,Research,Nutrient Analysis,Sales and Marketing,Public Health,Cholesterol Management,Rehabilitation,Surgery,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Exercise Physiology,Menu Planning,Community Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Sports Nutrition,Critical Care,Liver Disease,Home Health Nutrition Care,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pulmonary Disease,Recipe Development
Company: Stacey Rombough Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 1151 Dove Street Suite 245
Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA 92660
PHONE: 7143150117
General Nutrition, Wellness,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Weight Management,Postpartum Nutrition,Eating Disorders,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Prenatal Nutrition,Childhood Obesity
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 4507 Bandera Run Ct., Pasadena, TEXAS 77505
PHONE: 8329215990
Weight Management,Nutrient Analysis,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,General Nutrition, Wellness,Menu Planning,Healthy Eating,Prenatal Nutrition,Recipe Development
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , 4518 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90027
PHONE: 310-592-4088
Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Bone Disorders,Stroke,Childhood Obesity,Nutrient Analysis,Dysphagia,Food Guide Pyramid,Weight Management,Pulmonary Disease,Wound Healing,Renal Nutrition,Exercise Physiology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Hypertension,Rehabilitation,Critical Care,Vegetarianism,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Sports Nutrition,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cancer/Oncology,Healthy Eating,Liver Disease,Cholesterol Management,Autoimmune Diseases,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Menu Planning,Dieting,Food Allergies
Company: Schwanz Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 333 N Indiana St, Porterville, CALIFORNIA 93257
PHONE: 5593504578
IN BRIEF: Schwanz Nutrition Journal - where the Dietitians go for evidence-based nutrition. No ads, no conflicts of interest, how refreshing! Two issues are available on the website for you to see the quality, FREE of charge.
Company: Sharp Nutrition LLC
OFFICE 1: Sharp Nutrition LLC, 2447 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 235
Hermosa Beach, CALIFORNIA 90254
PHONE: 310-617-8606
IN BRIEF: Sharp Nutrition and Kari Sharp, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializes in pediatrics and provides nutritional guidance to children, their families, and their adult role models. Specialties include: * General pediatric and adult nutrition * Autism (ASD) * ADHD * Eating Disorders * Foo ...
Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Sports Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Eating Disorders,Dieting,GI/Digestive Disorders,Alternative Nutrition,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pediatric Nutrition,Weight Management,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training,Community Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Neurology,Developmental Disorders,Healthy Eating,Cancer/Oncology,Writing for Online and Print,Food Allergies,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Hypertension,Childhood Obesity,Food Guide Pyramid,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Vegetarianism,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Healthy Eating,Childhood Obesity,Education, Teaching, Training,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Neurology,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Eating Disorders,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print,Food Allergies,Community Nutrition,Food Guide Pyramid,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Dieting,Developmental Disorders,Vegetarianism,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Pediatric Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Cancer/Oncology,Alternative Nutrition
Company: Vandana Sheth, RDN, CDE
OFFICE 1: 23133 Hawthorne Blvd, #104, Torrance, CALIFORNIA 90505
PHONE: (310) 408-8766
IN BRIEF: As a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator with over 17 years experience, I specialize in helping my clients have a healthy relationship with food. I inspire and motivate my clients to move from a place of fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, to feelings of joy, happiness, in ...
Stroke,Sales and Marketing,Vegetarianism,Cancer/Oncology,Food Safety,Liver Disease,Heart Disease,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Pediatric Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Autoimmune Diseases,Healthy Eating,Food Allergies,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Food Guide Pyramid,GI/Digestive Disorders,Dieting,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Gerontology,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Hypertension,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Cholesterol Management,Sports Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Home Health Nutrition Care,Prenatal Nutrition,Writing for Online and Print,Alternative Nutrition,Recipe Development,Postpartum Nutrition,Eating Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , Trenton
Irvine, CALIFORNIA 92620
PHONE: 9492785361
IN BRIEF: Geeta Sikand is Director of Nutrition at the University of California Irvine Preventive Cardiology Program and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology Division). Geeta is a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Fellow of the National Lipid Association (NLA).
Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Vegetarianism,Weight Management
Company: Feeding Philosophies
OFFICE 1: 3060 Alta Laguna Boulevard, Laguna Beach, CALIFORNIA 92651
PHONE: 949-607-8248
IN BRIEF: I am a pediatric registered dietitian nutritionist and a board certified lactation consultant with a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition. PEDIATRIC NUTRITION COUNSELING: picky eating, poor weight gain, food allergies, Prader-Willi Syndrome, weight management, vegetarian/vegan, tube feedings, C ...
Neonatal Nutrition,Writing for Online and Print,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Eating Disorders,Food Allergies,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Pediatric Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,Vegetarianism
Company: Vital Nutrition & Wellness
OFFICE 1: Vital Nutrition & Wellness, Angela Stanford, RDN, 4145 Blackhawk Plaza Cir, Suite 101
Danville, CALIFORNIA 94506
PHONE: 925-964-9189
Sales and Marketing,Menu Planning,Prenatal Nutrition,Autoimmune Diseases,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Food Allergies,Healthy Eating,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Postpartum Nutrition,Alternative Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Recipe Development,GI/Digestive Disorders,Education, Teaching, Training,Vegetarianism,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Heart Disease
Company: Get Back on Track
OFFICE 1: 4010 sorrento Valley Blvd, 400
san diego, CALIFORNIA 92121
PHONE: 650-521-4912
Weight Management,Bariatric Surgery,Dieting,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Healthy Eating,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Sports Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: Tuscher Nutrition International Ltd
OFFICE 1: Wilshire Blvd, beverly hills , CALIFORNIA 90210
PHONE: 310 8646800
IN BRIEF: As a registered dietitian, therapist, eating disorder specialist, and principle wellness consultant for luxury hotels, spas, and F&B industries worldwide, Gabrielle Tüscher belongs to a leading class of experts. She is a therapist, a talent in the kitchen, an educator, and innovator of luxurious we ...
Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,General Nutrition, Wellness,Recipe Development,Dieting,Nutrient Analysis,Healthy Eating,Menu Planning,Childhood Obesity,Eating Disorders,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Weight Management,Vegetarianism,Developmental Disorders,Product Development
Company: Jill West Nutrition Consulting
OFFICE 1: 3468 Mt. Diablo Blvd., , Suite B-201
Lafayette, CALIFORNIA 94549
PHONE: 925-310-5545
IN BRIEF: I help women separate nutrition facts from fiction so they can make lasting changes that really make a difference in their health. I also work with teens and student athletes helping them find simple, practical strategies to reach their health or performance goals.
Writing for Online and Print,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Childhood Obesity,Healthy Eating,Vegetarianism,Community Nutrition,Heart Disease,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Postpartum Nutrition,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Recipe Development,Menu Planning,Food Guide Pyramid,Nutrient Analysis,Prenatal Nutrition,Dieting
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: , Ventura, CALIFORNIA 93001
PHONE: 8055692652
Heart Disease,General Nutrition, Wellness,Gerontology,Healthy Eating,Renal Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,Cholesterol Management,Dieting,Home Health Nutrition Care
Company: Nutrition In Recovery
OFFICE 1: 11500 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA 90064
PHONE: 310-403-1874
IN BRIEF: Specializing in: Food Addiction Substance Abuse Eating Disorders Weight Management Sports Nutrition General Wellness
Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Bariatric Surgery,Eating Disorders,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Sports Nutrition
Company: CHI St. Luke's- Patients Medical Center
OFFICE 1: , 4600 East Sam Houston Parkway South
Pasadena, TEXAS 77505
PHONE: 2817480291
Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Critical Care
Company: Culinary RD
OFFICE 1: 30941 W. Agoura Rd Ste 212, Westlake Village, CALIFORNIA 91361
PHONE: 818-802-2434
Healthy Eating,Product Development,Dieting,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Food Safety,Kitchen Design,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training,Nutrient Analysis,Eating Disorders,Weight Management,Vegetarianism,Heart Disease,Menu Planning,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Food Allergies,Food Service,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Culinary Arts