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Company: Nutrition Energy
OFFICE 1: 57 West 57th Street, Suite 1211, New York, NEW YORK 10019
PHONE: (646) 361-6803
IN BRIEF: Lauren is the owner/director of Nutrition Energy and combines her experience as a Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Sports Dietitian and athlete to lead the Nutrition Energy team. She provides comprehensive nutrition therapy and personalized nutrition planning for individ ...
Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Eating Disorders,GI/Digestive Disorders,Sports Nutrition,Menu Planning
Company: Alison Barkman Nutrition, P.C.
OFFICE 1: 520 Franklin Avenue, Suite L22
Garden City, NEW YORK 11530
PHONE: 516-512-7323
IN BRIEF: FUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT! If you are looking to enhance your sport or get the most out of grueling workouts at the gym, Alison is the dietitian for you! Alison works with athletes and gym enthusiasts looking to maximize their energy, manage weight, and perform to the best of their ability both in sp ...
Prenatal Nutrition,Pediatric Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Postpartum Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print
Company: Nutrition Energy
OFFICE 1: 57 West 57th Street, Suite 1211, New York, NEW YORK 10019
PHONE: (646) 361-6803
IN BRIEF: Limor Baum is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition Education. Limor uses whole foods, herbs and spices to treat clients based on their unique body composition, medical history, food sensitivities and lifestyle. Limor’s nutrition counseling is designed to maximize wellness by combining ...
Eating Disorders,Cholesterol Management,Heart Disease,Healthy Eating,GI/Digestive Disorders,Food Allergies,General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training,Hypertension,Vegetarianism
Company: SuperNutritionist
OFFICE 1: 26 Winthrop Drive, Woodbury, NEW YORK 11797
PHONE: 516 312-7565
IN BRIEF: Private practice specializing in medical nutrition therapy and weight loss.
Private Practice,Weight Management,Sports Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Writing for Online and Print,Dieting,Women's Health,General Nutrition, Wellness,Heart Disease
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 301 Mill Road, Suite 16
Hewlett, NEW YORK 11557
PHONE: 516-582-5658
General Nutrition, Wellness,Hypertension,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Healthy Eating,Cholesterol Management,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: NY Health and Hospitals
OFFICE 1: 1826 Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NEW YORK 10457
OFFICE 2: 1012 East Gunhill Road, Bronx, NEW YORK 10469
PHONE: 9149437606
Public Speaking, Lecturing,Food Allergies,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Gerontology,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Food Safety,Dieting,Sports Nutrition,Wound Healing,Community Nutrition,Autoimmune Diseases,Childhood Obesity,Pediatric Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,General Nutrition, Wellness,GI/Digestive Disorders,Healthy Eating,Hypertension,Heart Disease,Food Guide Pyramid,Vegetarianism,Weight Management,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Education, Teaching, Training,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Dysphagia,Menu Planning,Cholesterol Management
Company: Compass Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 22 Cortlandt Street, Suite 1632
New York, NEW YORK 10007
PHONE: 2124190399
IN BRIEF: Adiana Castro is a Spanish bilingual Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetic Association and a Certified Dietitian - Nutritionist in New York City. Her primary area of focus is weight management, diabetes, hypertension, heart health, general wellness, pregnancy and sports nutrition. She is a ...
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Education, Teaching, Training,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Postpartum Nutrition,Food Guide Pyramid,Writing for Online and Print,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Food Allergies,Menu Planning,Hypertension,Cholesterol Management,Community Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Public Health,Prenatal Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,General Nutrition, Wellness,Bariatric Surgery,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Healthy Eating,Dieting,Liver Disease,GI/Digestive Disorders,Recipe Development,Sports Nutrition,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Neonatal Nutrition
Company: Nutrition Energy
OFFICE 1: 57 West 57th Street, Suite 1211, New York , NEW YORK 10019
PHONE: (646) 361 - 6803
IN BRIEF: Vanessa Chalmé brings her vast nutrition knowledge, enthusiasm and French flare to the Nutrition Energy team, and makes eating healthy a delicious, exciting and slimming experience! Through her firm belief in lifestyle choices and moderation, Vanessa tailors her clients' food plans specifically to c ...
Hypertension,Food Allergies,Sports Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Cancer/Oncology,Weight Management
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: email for address,, NEW YORK 10065
OFFICE 2: P.O. Box 919, Nesconset, NEW YORK
PHONE: (917)853-2220
IN BRIEF: My goal is to assist others in achieving their health goals. I enjoy seeing others become healthier and accomplishing goals they thought were only dreams. I am a dedicated nutritionist that is fully supportive of my clients. Please let me know how I can assist you in achieving your health care goals ...
Bariatric Surgery,Hypertension,Dieting,Healthy Eating,Education, Teaching, Training,Writing for Online and Print,Cholesterol Management,Eating Disorders,Sports Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,GI/Digestive Disorders,Menu Planning,Vegetarianism,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Nutrient Analysis,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: SDC Nutrition, PC
OFFICE 1: 440 Lakeview Rd, Bellmore, NEW YORK 11710
OFFICE 2: 891 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NEW YORK 11021
PHONE: 800-741-6638
Heart Disease,General Nutrition, Wellness,Childhood Obesity,Hypertension,Vegetarianism,Healthy Eating,Renal Nutrition,Dieting,Weight Management,Cholesterol Management,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 275 W 96th St Apt 15D, New York, NEW YORK 10025
PHONE: 206-613-9997
IN BRIEF: Stephanie Dunne is a longtime foodie and problem solver who became a Registered Dietitian because she loves food. She loves eating it, cooking it and sharing it. She also loves the science of how food works in the body and the amazing opportunity we all have to use food to improve our health. Ste ...
Healthy Eating,GI/Digestive Disorders,Vegetarianism,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Food Allergies,Sports Nutrition,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Autoimmune Diseases,Nutrient Analysis,General Nutrition, Wellness,Dieting,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: Integrating Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 1301 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NEW YORK 10605
PHONE: 914-589-7962
Postpartum Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Education, Teaching, Training,Sports Nutrition,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Heart Disease,Pediatric Nutrition,Eating Disorders,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Healthy Eating,Cholesterol Management,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vegetarianism,Dieting,Childhood Obesity,Hypertension,Prenatal Nutrition,Writing for Online and Print
Company: Real Nutrition By Crystal
OFFICE 1: 485 Titus Ave, Irondequoit, NEW YORK 14617
PHONE: 3152439790
IN BRIEF: I help individuals gain freedom from epilepsy. By using a ketogenic diet, I've helped people decrease/eliminate seizures, reduce/eliminate anti-epileptic medications, reduce/eliminate autistic-like behaviors and get their life back. There is no greater joy for me than to watch someone live their lif ...
Alternative Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Neurology,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Developmental Disorders,Pediatric Nutrition
Company: Nutrition Ex, Inc.
OFFICE 1: 163-10 Cross Bay Blvd., Suite 2
Howard Beach, NEW YORK 11414
PHONE: 917-763-5777
Healthy Eating,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,GI/Digestive Disorders,Food Safety,Food Guide Pyramid,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Nutrient Analysis,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Exercise Physiology,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Food Allergies
Company: JMC
PHONE: 7189184441
Critical Care,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Education, Teaching, Training
OFFICE 1: 34 High St, Hastings on Hudson, NEW YORK 10706
PHONE: 518-965-2074
Liver Disease,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Hypertension,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Alternative Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Healthy Eating,Heart Disease,Writing for Online and Print,Wound Healing,GI/Digestive Disorders,Vegetarianism,Education, Teaching, Training,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Dieting,Dysphagia,Weight Management,Gerontology,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: Amy Gorin Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 302 Pavonia Ave., Jersey City, NEW JERSEY 07302
IN BRIEF: Amy Gorin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), media personality, speaker, writer, and editor in the New York City area. She's been interviewed by many media outlets, including CBS Up to the Minute, CBS Power Up Your Health, U.S. News & World Report, and In addition to speakin ...
Food Guide Pyramid,Weight Management,Alternative Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,Recipe Development,Writing for Online and Print,Research,Vegetarianism,Hypertension,Culinary Arts,Education, Teaching, Training,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Dieting,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,Product Development,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Heart Disease,Healthy Eating
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 505 west 37th street, New York, NEW YORK 10018
PHONE: 3476562756
Heart Disease,Neurology,GI/Digestive Disorders,Weight Management,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Dysphagia,Gerontology,Stroke,Writing for Online and Print,Rehabilitation,Surgery
Company: Meg The Dietitian
OFFICE 1: Meg The Dietitian, 115 Broadway, Suite 1800
New York, NEW YORK 10006
OFFICE 2: Forest Hills Wellness, Forest Hills, NEW YORK 11375
PHONE: 347-395-2815
IN BRIEF: Specializing in helping women struggling with acne to understand the causes of their acne and find beautiful, clear skin WITHOUT harmful and expensive medication
GI/Digestive Disorders,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Nutrient Analysis,Healthy Eating,Food Allergies,Menu Planning,Recipe Development,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,General Nutrition, Wellness,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Writing for Online and Print,Hypertension
Company: Nutrition Energy
OFFICE 1: 57 West 57th Street, Suite 1211, New York, NEW YORK 10019
PHONE: (646) 361-6803
IN BRIEF: Margaux is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Her extensive experience in the field of Nutrition encompasses work in both clinical and non-clinical settings, including Hospital for Special Surgery, Forest Hills Hospital and Element Fitness NYC. Her spec ...
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Gerontology,Vegetarianism,Healthy Eating,Exercise Physiology,Hypertension,Eating Disorders,Postpartum Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Heart Disease,Food Allergies,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Sports Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: Morrison Healthcare
OFFICE 1: 68 Bushville-Harris Road, Harris, NEW YORK 12742
PHONE: 8457943300
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Dieting,Wound Healing,Weight Management,Renal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Dysphagia,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,GI/Digestive Disorders,Eating Disorders,Community Nutrition,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 6195 Southbrook Drive, Ontario, NEW YORK 14519
PHONE: 585-545-4807
Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Prenatal Nutrition,Alternative Nutrition,Public Health,Hypertension,Healthy Eating,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Vegetarianism,Community Nutrition,Food Allergies,Postpartum Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding
Company: Health Quest
OFFICE 1: Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, NEW YORK 12572
PHONE: 845 876 3001
General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Healthy Eating
Company: Registered Dietitian specializing in GI conditions
OFFICE 1: 16 East 41st Street, New York, NEW YORK 10017
PHONE: 917-734-6500
IN BRIEF: Erica Ilton is a Registered Dietitian with a private practice in New York City. She is also the lead Dietitian at Recently, she held the position of Clinical Nutrition Coordinator for the Department of Gastroenterology at Mount Sinai Hospital and previously she was a senior dieti ...
Bone Disorders,Weight Management,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Autoimmune Diseases,General Nutrition, Wellness,Food Allergies,Healthy Eating,Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Company: Anna Ipsen Nutrition & Health Coaching
OFFICE 1: , 1575 Union Street
Schenectady , NEW YORK 12309
PHONE: 518-487-1524
Public Health,General Nutrition, Wellness,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Nutrient Analysis,Education, Teaching, Training,Food Allergies,Food Safety,Healthy Eating,Eating Disorders,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Wound Healing,Food Service,Menu Planning,Culinary Arts,Childhood Obesity,Community Nutrition,Exercise Physiology,Weight Management,Dysphagia,Postpartum Nutrition,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Sports Nutrition
Company: Sweet n' Healthy Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Dix Hills, Dix Hills, NEW YORK 11746
PHONE: 917-742-0728
IN BRIEF: Cheryl Kaylie, Registered Dietitian (RDN), Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CD-N) and Nutrition Consultant in Long Island, New York is a successful dietitian in private practice and has more than 10 years of experience in nutrition counseling. Cheryl offers personal nutritional counseling to p ...
Renal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Public Health,Menu Planning,GI/Digestive Disorders,Healthy Eating,Wound Healing,Liver Disease,Community Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Education, Teaching, Training,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Food Guide Pyramid,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Hypertension,Stroke,Prenatal Nutrition,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: Lindsay Krasna, 808 Union Street, Ste 3A
Brooklyn, NEW YORK 11215
PHONE: 267-577-8243
IN BRIEF: Nutrition counseling for adolescents and adults. Specialty areas include: eating disorders, chronic disease, weight concerns, vegetarian nutrition, emotional eating.
Eating Disorders,Cholesterol Management,Sports Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Menu Planning,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Stroke,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Vegetarianism
Company: Mt Vernon Montefiore Hospital
OFFICE 1: 12 North 7th Ave., Mt Vernon, NEW YORK 10550
PHONE: 203-952-9715
Nutrient Analysis,Heart Disease,Hypertension,Prenatal Nutrition,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,Renal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Dieting,Recipe Development,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Food Guide Pyramid,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Menu Planning
Company: Elevation Fitness
OFFICE 1: 41 John Street, Babylon, NEW YORK 11702
PHONE: 631-321-1900
IN BRIEF: I am a dynamic, results-oriented Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a strong science foundation, and deep understanding of the relationship between food and the body.
Weight Management,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,GI/Digestive Disorders,Prenatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Food Allergies,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Autoimmune Diseases,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Cancer/Oncology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
Company: FoodandFitnessPro, LLC
OFFICE 1: 377B South Oyster Bay Road, Plainview, NEW YORK 11803
PHONE: 215-776-0389
IN BRIEF: I specialize in weight loss and transformation, helping people to boost their metabolism, increase energy, improve sleep, increase confidence, and look and feel better. I also have 16+ years of experience working with diabetes, prediabetes, PCOS, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, fitness/sports ...
Healthy Eating,Heart Disease,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Weight Management,GI/Digestive Disorders,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Sports Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Prenatal Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Hypertension,Menu Planning,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Postpartum Nutrition
Company: North American Partners in Anesthesia
OFFICE 1: 21 Reade Place, Suite 2400
Poughkeepsie, NEW YORK 12601
PHONE: 845-750-1261
Recipe Development,Wound Healing,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Healthy Eating,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pathophysiology,Product Development,Autoimmune Diseases,Alternative Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Writing for Online and Print,Weight Management,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements
Company: Bay Ridge Sunset Park Dialysis Center
OFFICE 1: 140 58th Street Box 65, Building B, Suite 1-I
Brooklyn, NEW YORK 11212
PHONE: 718-567-0255
Dysphagia,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Gerontology,Writing for Online and Print,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Vegetarianism,Wound Healing,Education, Teaching, Training,Renal Nutrition,Culinary Arts
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: East Chester Street, Long Beach, NEW YORK 11561
OFFICE 2: Hendrickson Avenue, Merrick, NEW YORK 11566
PHONE: 516-581-4378
Hypertension,GI/Digestive Disorders,Education, Teaching, Training,General Nutrition, Wellness,Bariatric Surgery,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cholesterol Management,Renal Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Pediatric Nutrition,Culinary Arts,Exercise Physiology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vegetarianism,Healthy Eating,Food Allergies,Sports Nutrition,Weight Management
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 83 N Park Ave, Buffalo, NEW YORK 14216
PHONE: 716-983-2270
IN BRIEF: I know what it takes to achieve what you want and believe in because I have been in the shoes of most of my clients! Currently, I am working on building a community focused on health and wellness, creating a support system for a healthy lifestyle and looking for people that desire the same passions ...
Public Speaking, Lecturing,Nutrient Analysis,Hypertension,Public Health,Recipe Development,GI/Digestive Disorders,Education, Teaching, Training,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Prenatal Nutrition,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Research,Cholesterol Management,Alternative Nutrition,Dieting,Neonatal Nutrition,Rehabilitation,Pediatric Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,General Nutrition, Wellness,Community Nutrition,Menu Planning,Healthy Eating,Sports Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print
Company: Elyse Metelka Nutrition
OFFICE 1: Elyse Metelka Nutrition, 309 W 57th st Ste 301
New York, NEW YORK 10019
PHONE: 646-883-6736
IN BRIEF: Elyse Metelka Nutrition is a nutrition private practice located near Columbus Circle in New York City providing nutrition counseling and education. Elyse Metelka, MS, RD, CDN is the owner and founder of Elyse Metelka Nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Dietitian Nutritionist ...
Sports Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Stroke,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Writing for Online and Print,Vegetarianism,Autoimmune Diseases,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Weight Management,Prenatal Nutrition,Bone Disorders,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Pathophysiology,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Childhood Obesity,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Eating Disorders,Heart Disease,Liver Disease,Food Guide Pyramid,Community Nutrition,Food Allergies,Developmental Disorders,Public Speaking, Lecturing,GI/Digestive Disorders,Home Health Nutrition Care,Education, Teaching, Training,Hypertension,Nutrient Analysis,Public Health,Renal Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Menu Planning,Exercise Physiology,Bariatric Surgery,Pulmonary Disease,Pediatric Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Postpartum Nutrition,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 30 Bayard St, 3E
Brooklyn, NEW YORK 11211
PHONE: 917-225-5982
IN BRIEF: Jackie Newgent is a classically-trained chef, registered dietitian nutritionist, media personality, and award-winning cookbook author of The All Natural Diabetes Cookbook and The With or Without Meat Cookbook. She’s a culinary instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education and freelance recipe de ...
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vegetarianism,Culinary Arts,Writing for Online and Print,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness,Recipe Development,Nutrient Analysis,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management
Company: Nutrition Energy
OFFICE 1: 57 West 57th Street, Suite 1211, New York, NEW YORK 10019
PHONE: (646) 361-6803
IN BRIEF: Brooke is a Registered Dietitian who holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from NYU. She brings a strong clinical nutrition background with her to Nutrition Energy from her experience at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she continues to serve as as Senior Clinical Dietitian. Brooke is well ...
Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,Cancer/Oncology,Sports Nutrition,Heart Disease,Food Allergies,Vegetarianism,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Renal Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness
Company: NutritionDoc
OFFICE 1: NutritionDoc, 707 Middle Neck Rd
Great Neck , NEW YORK 11021
PHONE: 5166690508
Menu Planning,Heart Disease,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Childhood Obesity,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,Cancer/Oncology,Dieting,Cholesterol Management,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,HIV/AIDS,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Pediatric Nutrition,Food Service,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Food Allergies
Company: Alenka Ravnik-List, RDN, PLLC
OFFICE 1: , Pearl River, NEW YORK 10965
PHONE: 845-474-2476
IN BRIEF: My name is Alenka Ravnik-List, I am a bilingual Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE); founder of Eating Right Matters. I provide face to face and online couching; the perfect solution for busy schedules to manage your food challenges while finding balance ...
Dieting,Prenatal Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Postpartum Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Weight Management,Autoimmune Diseases,Community Nutrition,Heart Disease
Company: Nutrition Associates of South Florida, LLC
OFFICE 1: Nutrition Associates of South Florida, LLC, 2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 254
West Palm Beach, FLORIDA 33411
OFFICE 2: Better Sleep New York, Bronx, NEW YORK 10461
PHONE: 561 352 9858
IN BRIEF: Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition with over 20 years experience in different areas of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Cholesterol Management,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Nutrient Analysis,GI/Digestive Disorders,Food Allergies,General Nutrition, Wellness,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Healthy Eating,Menu Planning,Bone Disorders,Weight Management,Home Health Nutrition Care,Hypertension,Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Bariatric Surgery,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Gerontology,Developmental Disorders,Renal Nutrition,Liver Disease,Alternative Nutrition
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 144 Eastern Blvd., Watertown, NEW YORK 13601
OFFICE 2: 4187 Palmer Rd, Manlius, NEW YORK 13104
PHONE: (315) 682-9620
IN BRIEF: Outpatient Registered Dietitian for Watertown VA Clinic; Part time freelance registered dietitian, New York State Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist, POMCO provider
Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Postpartum Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,Rehabilitation,Prenatal Nutrition,Menu Planning,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Hypertension,Pediatric Nutrition,Public Health,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Healthy Eating,Cancer/Oncology,Community Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,General Nutrition, Wellness,HIV/AIDS,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Wound Healing,Cholesterol Management,Stroke,Liver Disease,Dieting,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: NutriCourse
OFFICE 1: , 3601 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite M4
Levittown, NEW YORK 11756
PHONE: 516-857-7633
IN BRIEF: Stephanie A. Schmidt, owner of NutriCourse™, is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN). While EVERY dietitian is a nutritionist, NOT every nutritionist is a dietitian. Registered dietitians are health care professionals and food/nutrition experts who ha ...
Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,GI/Digestive Disorders,Rehabilitation,Education, Teaching, Training,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Renal Nutrition,Food Allergies,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Childhood Obesity,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Dieting,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Community Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Writing for Online and Print,Nutrient Analysis,General Nutrition, Wellness,Prenatal Nutrition,Weight Management,Recipe Development,Heart Disease,Hypertension,Menu Planning,Food Guide Pyramid,Healthy Eating,Public Health,Vegetarianism,Postpartum Nutrition,Culinary Arts,Sports Nutrition
Company: Shaw Nutrition PLLC
OFFICE 1: Shaw Nutrition PLLC, 300-12 West Street
PHONE: 8456427494
IN BRIEF: Hello! My name is Ashley Shaw, and I am a Registered Dietitian with a passion for prenatal and postpartum nutrition. My services are for both mom and baby - whether you are looking to improve your diet for increased fertility, make sure you are eating right for your developing fetus, or you need ass ...
Dieting,Research,Childhood Obesity,General Nutrition, Wellness,Community Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Bariatric Surgery,Writing for Online and Print,Education, Teaching, Training,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Menu Planning,Prenatal Nutrition,Hypertension,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Recipe Development,Heart Disease,Public Health,Postpartum Nutrition
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 29 Gainsboro Lane, Syosset, NEW YORK 11791
PHONE: 516-921-2103
IN BRIEF: Private practice specializing in Medical Nutrition Therapy and weight loss for adults and pediatrics.
GI/Digestive Disorders,Food Allergies,Healthy Eating,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Childhood Obesity,Vegetarianism,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Company: Jackie Slomin Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 200 Old Sunrise Highway, Massapequa, NEW YORK 11758
PHONE: 516-881-9059
IN BRIEF: I specialize in weight management for individuals struggling to drop pounds and are looking for a permanent solution to weight loss while still enjoying their food & lifestyle. I use a combination of nutrition education and health coaching to create an individualized program to help people reach th ...
Heart Disease,Sports Nutrition,Rehabilitation,Hypertension,Weight Management,Dieting,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Research,Public Health,Sales and Marketing,Nutrient Analysis,Menu Planning,Food Allergies,Healthy Eating,Education, Teaching, Training,Writing for Online and Print,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Exercise Physiology,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Recipe Development
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: POB 371, Woodmere, NEW YORK 11598
PHONE: 5164683579
Education, Teaching, Training,Prenatal Nutrition,Food Allergies,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Postpartum Nutrition,Food Safety,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pediatric Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Food Service
Company: Tribeca Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 325 North End Avenue, Auite 16P, New York, NEW YORK 10282
PHONE: 917 543 0680
IN BRIEF: Pediatric nutrition, feeding problems, food allergies, prenatal nutrition, weight management
Vegetarianism,Childhood Obesity,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Food Allergies,Cholesterol Management,Prenatal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,Dieting,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print
Company: Beth Warren Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 213 Ryder Avenue, Brooklyn, NEW YORK
PHONE: 347-292-1725
IN BRIEF: Beth Warren MS, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian and a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist with a private practice in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Brooklyn College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Yeshiva University. She is a ...
Wound Healing,Healthy Eating,Hypertension,Cancer/Oncology,Neonatal Nutrition,Exercise Physiology,Culinary Arts,Prenatal Nutrition,Dysphagia,Bone Disorders,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Bariatric Surgery,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Research,Sales and Marketing,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Recipe Development,Childhood Obesity,Community Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Stroke,Heart Disease,Pediatric Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Postpartum Nutrition,Product Development,Dieting,Food Guide Pyramid,Autoimmune Diseases,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Neurology,Eating Disorders,Alternative Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Vegetarianism,Surgery,Nutrient Analysis,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Menu Planning,Food Allergies,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Sports Nutrition,Developmental Disorders
Company: Wiese Nutrition
OFFICE 1: , 33 W. 19th Street, #3R
New York, NEW YORK 10011
PHONE: 646-820-3754
IN BRIEF: Maiken Wiese is a Registered Dietitian trained in medical nutrition therapy for numerous health conditions. She specializes in nutrition counseling for eating disorder recovery, as well as subclinical disordered eating. Nutrition therapy is about more than education! Through nutrition counseling ...
Prenatal Nutrition,Menu Planning,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Vegetarianism,Eating Disorders
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 3 Cornwall Court, Katonah, NEW YORK 10536
PHONE: 914-220-2152
Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Food Allergies,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Liver Disease,Menu Planning,Pediatric Nutrition,Heart Disease,Hypertension,GI/Digestive Disorders,Prenatal Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Vegetarianism,Food Safety,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,HIV/AIDS,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Public Health,Nutrient Analysis,Recipe Development,Weight Management,Dieting,General Nutrition, Wellness,Renal Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Childhood Obesity,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care