Body Positive Tools To Support Eating Competence
Many nutrition professionals have adopted the model of internal regulation of eating—-trusting regulators of hunger, appetite and satiation/satiety—-as foundational for recovery from eating struggles, for example, chronic yo-yo dieting (which has often resulted in a lot of weight gain in adulthood). But can this model work for clinical eating disorders? Do we feel we need to give different advice to someone who weighs 400 pounds versus 150 pounds?

This webinar will focus on two of Elizabeth's clinical tools, which apply Satter's construct of eating competence, for discussing eating regulation and weight with clients.

Moderated And Presented By The Ellyn Satter Institute

  • Moderator: Peggy Crum, MA, RD—ESI Faculty and Board Member
  • Presenter: Elizabeth Jackson, MS, RDN, LDN
Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to:
  • Assess patients/clients along the Eating Behavior Continuum.

  • Discuss the significance of loss of internal regulation in the development of eating and weight dysregulation and its (re)establishment in recovery from eating and weight struggles.

  • Help patients/clients categorize themselves along the weight continuum.

  • Define success for patients/clients in terms of eating regulation and nutrition/lifestyle changes (eating competence) with predictions for any changes in weight.
Live Event Date: Sep 21, 2020
Expiration Date: Sep 21, 2023
Performance Indicators/Learning Objectives: 9.1.2, 9.1.3, 10.2.7
Target Audience: RDs, DTRs, Health Professionals
Number of Credits: 1.5
Level(s): 1, 2
Total Cost: $27 ($18.00 per credit)

About the Presenters

Elizabeth Jackson, MS, RDN, LDN
Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson, MS, RDN, LDN is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian specializing in eating disorders, co-occurring/substance use disorders, and child and family feeding issues. Elizabeth worked in Michigan for 19 years in private practice, and also taught apopular upper level course she developed on eating disorders at Central Michigan University for 8 years. Starting in 2002, she was one of the original clinical faculty members of the Ellyn Satter Institute and conducted child feeding workshops and trainings in both the US and Canada. Moving to Minnesota in 2010, she worked as an outpatient dietitian for the Melrose Center, a large multilevel treatment center for eating disorders, for over 7 years and worked for one year as the Director of Nutrition and Integrated Services for Kodiak Health. She now is in a large group private practice called Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness. Elizabeth has a special interest in the intersection of insecure attachment, trauma (including food trauma) and eating disorders, and the prevention and treatment of the multigenerational impact of all three. She is a founding member of the MN Trauma Project and uses a Health at Every Size/Body Positive approach to weight in all of her work.

Peggy Crum, MA, RD
Peggy Crum

Peggy Crum, MA, RD, is a registered dietitian with a master's degree in health and risk communication. Her early career was in pediatrics, first at St. Paul Children's Hospital, then in the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University where she guided families of children with special needs with the help of Satter's feeding dynamics model. Currently Peggy is a nutritionist for MSU's health promotion and student health education programs where Satter's eating competence model informs her writing, program development, and counseling. Peggy trained with Ellyn Satter in Treating the Dieting Casualty in 2007 offering How To Eat to individuals and groups since then.

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