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  Pediatric Nutrition
Question submitted on 11/10/08 by pabal71 to Valerie Weir Houghton:

hi valerie!
i was wondering if you could provide me with a listing of 
websites that offer ce courses for pediatrics focusing on 
children birth to three years old. or websites for 
pediatrics in general. thank you in advance

  Response provided on 11/20/08 by Valerie Weir Houghton:

My pleasure...I completed an online course in advanced 
peds. taught by Karyl Rickard, PhD, RD, FADA  and Sue 
Brady, DMSc, RD, FADA Professors of Nutrition and Dietetics
Indiana University School of Health and Rehabilitation 
Sciences Coleman Hall 224 1140 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119. It was a lot of hard work but 
a great course! 

Another area to explore is the ADA website and maybe 
contact the Dietetic Practice Group associated with 
pediatric nutrition. Sometimes they offer webinars that 
free and very easy to attend. 

Two more resources:

Hope this has been helpful, 


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R.D., L.D.

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