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Company: University of Florida
OFFICE 1: G025 McCarty Hall D, University of Florida
Gainesville, FLORIDA 32605
PHONE: 352-273-3472
Sports Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Education, Teaching, Training,General Nutrition, Wellness,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Exercise Physiology,Weight Management
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 2000 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, FLORIDA 32610
PHONE: 352-226-7772
Healthy Eating,Vegetarianism,Cancer/Oncology,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pathophysiology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Wound Healing,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Hypertension,Public Health,Postpartum Nutrition,Critical Care,Bariatric Surgery,Menu Planning,Childhood Obesity,Education, Teaching, Training,Pediatric Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cholesterol Management,Autoimmune Diseases,Weight Management,Food Allergies
Company: Strategic Health Solutions
OFFICE 1: 4511 NW 16th Place, Gainesville, FLORIDA 32605
PHONE: 352-514-1305
IN BRIEF: Verna offers her services: 1)as a Wellness Coach for prevention, health improvement and weight control and 2)as a Consulting Dietitian to aid patients and caregivers with the nutritional challenges accompanying end-of-life.
Community Nutrition,Culinary Arts,Dieting,Dysphagia,Alternative Nutrition,Exercise Physiology,Food Guide Pyramid,Food Safety,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Home Health Nutrition Care,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Cancer/Oncology,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print