Recipes And Meal Plans for RDN Clients
Our clients/patients have all good intentions to cook at home when they leave your office...but time, exhaustion, overwhelm, and lack of knowledge all get in the way; stopping them from cooking a simple meal & achieving their goals. We’ll focus on the importance of learning the cooking method & skills behind the recipe…so that your clients are learning life-long skills rather than one off recipes, or meal plans. These skills will set them up for success, for the long-term!
Upon successful completion of this one-hour course, the participant should be able to:
  • Identify when a client/patient is struggling to cooking at home.

  • Identify when a client/patient can benefit from more than just recipes & meal planning apps.

  • Teach clients practical & simple cooking tips for cooking without a recipe.

  • Have a better understanding of flavor combinations and how to cook intuitively with herbs & spices.
Live Webinar Date: Dec 09, 2021   (04:00 PM - 05:00 PM EST)
Expiration Date: May 31, 2024
Performance Indicators/Learning Objectives: 2.1.3, 3.2.2, 8.3.7, 8.4.3
Target Audience: RDs, DTRs, Health Professionals
Number of Credits: 1.0
Level(s): 1
Total Cost: $18

About the Presenter: Celestina Brunetti, RDN, LD
Celestina Brunetti

Celestina Brunetti, the founder of Wellness Cucina, is a chef & registered dietitian. She has worked in several fine dining & Michelin-rated restaurants in NYC & Las Vegas. After culinary school, she became an RD; worked in hospitals, created cooking classes & instructional video for the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, taught 4th year medical students culinary nutrition at the University of New Mexico, and personal cheffed for professional athletes, busy families, and people with specialized nutritional needs.

Her passion is teaching people the healthy & delicious can not only be in the same sentence, but also on the same plate! If you teach the cooking skills behind a recipe, rather than just give someone a recipe they’ll be set up for long-term success! If you learn to enjoy a variety of foods…the “good for you” part falls into place. Blending her knowledge of cooking & nutrition she created a culinary resource library for RDs & their clients, so that they can gain confidence in the kitchen and to come together as a collaborative community.

In her downtime you can find her on running with her dog, snowboarding with her husband, or on the hunt for an amazing cup of coffee.