Virtual Counseling
Technology has dramatically changed the way the world runs. Nutrition and dietetics practice is no exception. No longer is face-to-face communication necessary to counsel and coach. Through the telephone, virtual counseling and coaching by RDNs-in both a corporate or private practice setting-reach is extended, and success increased for patients and clients.In this webinar two RDNs will discuss how they have successfully created and implemented virtual counseling and coaching in their practice settings-one in a private practice setting and one in a corporate wellness environment. By the end of this engaging webinar you will have a snapshot of how you can use virtual coaching as a tool whether you're in private practice, corporate environment, and/or clinical or outpatient setting.
Upon successful completion of this one-hour course, the participant should be able to:
  • Compare virtual nutrition counseling and coaching to traditional in-person counseling and education.

  • Describe the advantages of virtual counseling and coaching over traditional face-to-face meetings.

  • Explain the implementation of virtual coaching in different practice settings-private practice and corporate wellness.

  • Understand the steps needed to transition to a virtual practice including tools and resources.
Live Event Date: May 15, 2018
Learning Need Codes (LNC): 5460, 6020, 6070, 6080
Performance Indicators/Learning Objectives: 8.3.6, 9.6.1, 9.6.5, 9.6.6
Target Audience: RDs, DTRs, Health Professionals
Number of Credits: 1.0
Level(s): 1
Total Cost: $18 ($18.00 per credit)

About the Presenters

Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND
Jennifer Neily

Award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist and Wellcoach® Certified Health Coach, Jennifer "Neily" Neily—Neily on Nutrition—helps people improve health, age gracefully, and have abundant energy to live the lifestyle of their dreams. After seven years as a dietitian at Parkland Hospital in Dallas working with very ill patients, Neily worked over five years at the world-renown Cooper Clinic. Since 2009 she has been in private practice: coaching, public speaking, writing, teaching, working with the media and in social media providing unbiased relevant health and nutrition information.

On a personal note, Neily is a foster mom to Great Danes. For 15 plus years she has lovingly cared for 48 gentle giants as they’ve awaited adoption.

Carina Saez, RD, LD, CDE
Carina Saez

Carina Saez, RD, LD, CDE is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian as well as a Certified Diabetes Educator specializing in diabetes education and weight management. She is a graduate of Texas Christian University and has been counseling patients for the past 23 years. In 2005 she was awarded the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year. Carina evaluates and counsels patients in diabetes management, cholesterol and hypertension control and weight loss. She has been in private practice, consulted with physician groups and is currently the RD Care Manager at Viverae.

Carina also works with many companies as a Nutrition Consultant and media spokesperson. Current and past clients include: McDonalds, Astra Zeneca, Klasstime, Cacique Cheese company, Nestle, Milk Producers, Texas Beef Council, Novo Nordisk and Novartis.

Carina believes in promoting her profession and has served as the President of the Dallas Dietetic Association. She has a strong commitment to giving back to a profession which she loves and has also served with the Texas Dietetic Association to plan its annual conference.

Carina has always had a special interest in serving the Hispanic community. As a Spanish speaking dietitian Carina is able to communicate effectively with her patients and is familiar with their food preferences and cultural traditions. Her passion for this community also extends into her professional organizations. Carina served as President for the national networking group Latino and Hispanics in Dietetics and Nutrition from 2008-2009.

Carina has been happily married for the past 17 years and has 2 beautiful daughters: Isabella and Gianna.