Stress-Obesity Connection
Stress is pervasive in our modern day lives affecting everyone at one time or another. Stress is associated with a myriad of health concerns and disease states including obesity, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer, psychological disorders, headaches, and depressed immune function. Researchers are coming to understand the role hormones play in the stress - disease process. Although stress seems to be a way of life for many people, it doesn't need to be. Just like any emotion, stress is a choice based on thought processes. This session explores the body's response to stress and the ensuing health implications. It gives dietitians and clinicians tools to help clients take control of their thought processes to thwart and manage stress, enabling better weight management, health and wellbeing by creating a stress management program within their practice.
Upon successful completion of this one-hour course, the participant should be able to:
  • Understand health implications associated with stress

  • Identify hormones associated with stress and their role in disease states

  • Understand the stress-eating connection

  • Determine which thought patterns lead to stress

  • Identify strategies to thwart stress and tools to manage stress

  • Develop a stress management program to utilize with clients to regain health
Live Event Date: Dec 10, 2015
Learning Need Codes (LNC): 4090, 5370, 6010, 6020
Target Audience: RDs, DTRs, Allied Health Professionals
Number of Credits: 1.0
Level(s): 1, 2
Total Cost: $18 ($18.00 per credit)

About the Presenter: Maria McConville, MS,RD,CPT,CWC
Maria McConville

Maria's business, Balanced Body Nourishment, focuses on nourishing the body, mind, and soul through positive thought processes, healthy food, abundant energy, and taking control of one's health. She has worked in the clinical arena, outpatient counseling and has coached thousands of clients on various disease states.

Maria has a bachelor's degree in Nutrition and a master's degree in Public Health. She is a certified personal trainer and health coach. She holds a unique certification as a Master Resilience Trainer through the Army's Soldier and Family Fitness program. Maria is the author of the self-help weight loss workbook: Lose the Diet, Find Yourself. Her passion is coaching those struggling with weight by guiding them through a unique 5-step process that includes self-reflection, thinking, envisioning, planning, and acting. Both personally and professionally, Maria teaches and coaches people to find better balance in life leading to better self-confidence, better weight control and optimal wellbeing. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Northern Virginia Dietetic Association, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs.


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