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Company: University of Florida
OFFICE 1: G025 McCarty Hall D, University of Florida
Gainesville, FLORIDA 32605
PHONE: 352-273-3472
Sports Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Education, Teaching, Training,General Nutrition, Wellness,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Exercise Physiology,Weight Management
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 2000 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, FLORIDA 32610
PHONE: 352-226-7772
Healthy Eating,Vegetarianism,Cancer/Oncology,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pathophysiology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Wound Healing,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Hypertension,Public Health,Postpartum Nutrition,Critical Care,Bariatric Surgery,Menu Planning,Childhood Obesity,Education, Teaching, Training,Pediatric Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cholesterol Management,Autoimmune Diseases,Weight Management,Food Allergies
Company: Plateful Of Yum , LLC
OFFICE 1: 3298 Summit Blvd Suite 8, Pensacola, FLORIDA 32503
PHONE: 850-972-8322
IN BRIEF: Let us work together to develop conscious eating habits, renew and restore health, and increase energy and vitality.
Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Public Health,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Menu Planning,Writing for Online and Print,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Heart Disease,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 104 Nightingale Lane, Gulf Breeze, FLORIDA 32561
PHONE: 8504990988
Sales and Marketing,Developmental Disorders,Pulmonary Disease,Dieting,Liver Disease,Gerontology,Postpartum Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Menu Planning,HIV/AIDS,Food Service,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Food Allergies,Eating Disorders,Renal Nutrition,Food Safety,Cholesterol Management,Autoimmune Diseases,Exercise Physiology,Kitchen Design,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,Prenatal Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Childhood Obesity,Cancer/Oncology,Surgery,Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Dysphagia,Vegetarianism
Company: Real Life Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 2601 54th Street South, Gulfport, FLORIDA 33707
PHONE: (727)321-6104
IN BRIEF: I listen well, can assess your unique requirements quickly, and can create a personalized plan to meet your goal, be it weight loss, diabetes management or just to improve your nutritional intake. I have retained amazing amounts of information over the years related to nutrition, and can be entertai ...
Eating Disorders,Stroke,Pediatric Nutrition,Developmental Disorders,Surgery,Pulmonary Disease,Bariatric Surgery,Weight Management,Community Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Home Health Nutrition Care,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Dysphagia,General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training,Wound Healing,Healthy Eating,Postpartum Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,GI/Digestive Disorders,Gerontology,Prenatal Nutrition,HIV/AIDS,Dieting,Hypertension,Writing for Online and Print,Heart Disease,Public Health,Sales and Marketing,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements
Company: Everything in Moderation
OFFICE 1: , Palm Bay, FLORIDA 32909
PHONE: 321-917-2726
General Nutrition, Wellness,Pediatrics,Cholesterol Management,Weight Management,Food Guide Pyramid,GI/Digestive Disorders,Menu Planning,Childhood Obesity,Veterans Affairs,Healthy Eating,Women's Health,Heart Disease,Education, Teaching, Training,Dieting,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Hypertension,Vegetarianism
Company: Good Nutrition Dietitian
OFFICE 1: 130 N Tropical Trail , Merritt Island, FLORIDA 32953
PHONE: 321-591-0954
IN BRIEF: "Let your food be your medicine." Never underestimate the importance of good health. Do what you can to preserve it through good nutrition. Learn how three small changes today can change your life tomorrow!
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Gerontology,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Vegetarianism,Food Safety,Cholesterol Management,Dieting,Postpartum Nutrition,Writing for Online and Print,Nutrient Analysis,GI/Digestive Disorders,Liver Disease,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Hypertension,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Autoimmune Diseases,Heart Disease,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Alternative Nutrition,Sports Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Menu Planning,Weight Management,Education, Teaching, Training
Company: The Gut R.D.
OFFICE 1: 1940 10th Avenue Suite C, Vero Beach, FLORIDA 32960
PHONE: 772-971-9006
IN BRIEF: What would your life look like if you could live the kind of life you that allows you to be free of health challenges? Let's work together to uncover the root cause of your day to day health burdens. You steer the ship, and I will be with you every step of the way, as little or as much as you choose ...
Alternative Nutrition,Gerontology,Healthy Eating,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Renal Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Hypertension,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Wound Healing,General Nutrition, Wellness,Food Allergies
Company: Appleaday Lifestyle Counseling, LLC
OFFICE 1: 3655 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 2, Bonita Springs , FLORIDA 34134
OFFICE 2: 2425 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FLORIDA 34102
PHONE: 239-676-3644
IN BRIEF: Karyn Capozzo is a registered, licensed dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. She is the owner of Appleaday Lifestyle Counseling, LLC a company that is dedicated to helping people make healthy changes that will last a lifetime. Appleaday provides nutrition counseling for both groups and indiv ...
Renal Nutrition,Menu Planning,Nutrient Analysis,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Food Safety,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Weight Management,Childhood Obesity,General Nutrition, Wellness,Liver Disease,Neurology,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Writing for Online and Print,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Wound Healing,Postpartum Nutrition,Food Allergies,Prenatal Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Sports Nutrition,Heart Disease,Bariatric Surgery,Gerontology,Stroke,Healthy Eating,Autoimmune Diseases,Pulmonary Disease,Alternative Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Hypertension,GI/Digestive Disorders,Dieting,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements
Company: Healthy Lifestyle Refinery
OFFICE 1: 6722 NW 90th St, Gainesville, FLORIDA 32653
PHONE: 352-284-8244
Cholesterol Management,GI/Digestive Disorders,Alternative Nutrition,Weight Management,Healthy Eating,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,General Nutrition, Wellness,Recipe Development,Menu Planning
Company: Feeding the Body Feeding the Soul
OFFICE 1: 1752 North Cappero Drive , Saint Augustine, FLORIDA 32092
PHONE: 904-687-0720
IN BRIEF: Nancy is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, IET and REIKI Master Teacher, and Universal Rays Healer/Teacher. She has a long standing private practice and offers Nutrition Counseling to children,teens and adults. In addition to offering One-on-One counseling, Nancy also teaches group class ...
Community Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Dieting,Food Allergies,Alternative Nutrition,Home Health Nutrition Care,Education, Teaching, Training,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Eating Disorders
Company: Healthy Concepts Consulting
OFFICE 1: 2546 Northbrooke Plaza Dr , Naples, FLORIDA 34120
PHONE: 2393983052
IN BRIEF: Love to work with people who believe in healing their bodies with proper diet and exercise. I have worked with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. I enjoy working with children to build healthy foundations for the rest of their lives.
Prenatal Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Childhood Obesity,Pediatric Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Weight Management,GI/Digestive Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Menu Planning,Education, Teaching, Training,Healthy Eating,Heart Disease,Sports Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Dieting,General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition
Company: Fisher Enterprises
OFFICE 1: 13154 Spring Lake Dr, Cooper City, FLORIDA 33330
PHONE: 954-661-8949
IN BRIEF: Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist in Florida with over 25 years of experience in meal planning, recipes creation and analysis, weight loss management, general nutrition counseling and sports nutrition. Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and a Masters of Science ...
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Healthy Eating,Dieting,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Childhood Obesity,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print,Nutrient Analysis,Vegetarianism,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Food Guide Pyramid,Heart Disease,Computer Nutrition Systems,Education, Teaching, Training,Menu Planning,Exercise Physiology,Cholesterol Management,Eating Disorders,Bariatric Surgery,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Recipe Development,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Hypertension,Sports Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Food Allergies
Company: InspirRed Living
OFFICE 1: 5247 Indigo Crossing Drive, Rockledge, FLORIDA 32955
OFFICE 2: 3270 Suntree Blvd, Melbourne, FLORIDA 32940
PHONE: 3212557841
IN BRIEF: Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist offering Medical Nutrition Therapy for diabetes management, kidney disease, GI disorders, meal planning, food allergies and weight management. Writer, blogger, entrepreneur & Christ Follower.
Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Product Development,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Pulmonary Disease,Sales and Marketing,Weight Management,Food Service,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pediatric Nutrition,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Stroke,Recipe Development,GI/Digestive Disorders,Alternative Nutrition,Wound Healing,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Kitchen Design,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Hypertension,Dysphagia,Surgery,Healthy Eating,Gerontology,Renal Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Nutrient Analysis,Culinary Arts,Heart Disease,Menu Planning,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Sports Nutrition,Bariatric Surgery,Liver Disease,Eating Disorders,Postpartum Nutrition,Home Health Nutrition Care,Food Allergies,Prenatal Nutrition,Rehabilitation,Dieting,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Writing for Online and Print,Autoimmune Diseases,Childhood Obesity,Food Safety,Cholesterol Management
Company: Vida Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 11098 Biscayne Blvd #401, Miami, FLORIDA 33161
PHONE: 7864794081
Sports Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Cholesterol Management,Dieting,Education, Teaching, Training,Menu Planning,Healthy Eating,Renal Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Prenatal Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Heart Disease
Company: SusanGleatonRD
OFFICE 1: 355 CR 212, Gainesville, TEXAS 76240
PHONE: 940-736-1019
IN BRIEF: Food Sensitivity Specialist: Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT)
Alternative Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Autoimmune Diseases,Cholesterol Management,Healthy Eating,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Food Allergies,Hypertension
Company: Nutrition Nibbles Consulting, LLC
OFFICE 1: 1350 Monroe Stree, Suite #2033
Ft. Myers , FLORIDA 33901
PHONE: 2399102154
IN BRIEF: I am a Registered Dietitian who incorporates fresh, whole foods with practical guidelines that can be followed without end. The focus is on lifelong wellness, rather than a quick fix. We take nutrition counseling beyond scheduled office visits, for an all-encompassing approach to achieving a heal ...
Education, Teaching, Training,Nutrient Analysis,HIV/AIDS,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Sports Nutrition,Stroke,Sales and Marketing,Dieting,Healthy Eating,Writing for Online and Print,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,Exercise Physiology,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Public Health,Heart Disease,General Nutrition, Wellness,Community Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Home Health Nutrition Care,Food Guide Pyramid
Company: New Leaf Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 150 E Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FLORIDA 33432
PHONE: 954-913-1242
Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Childhood Obesity,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Writing for Online and Print,Public Health,General Nutrition, Wellness,Vegetarianism,Developmental Disorders,Menu Planning,Community Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Food Guide Pyramid,Postpartum Nutrition,Cholesterol Management,Hypertension,Pediatric Nutrition,Weight Management,Culinary Arts,Prenatal Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Eating Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Heart Disease,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Recipe Development,GI/Digestive Disorders,Food Allergies,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Dieting
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 650 34th St. South, St. Petersburg, FLORIDA 33711
PHONE: 7274340970
IN BRIEF: Food therapy during cancer treatments, Eating for your life!
Home Health Nutrition Care,Menu Planning,Prenatal Nutrition,Public Speaking, Lecturing,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Dieting,Education, Teaching, Training,Renal Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Cancer/Oncology,Public Health,Childhood Obesity,Food Guide Pyramid,Heart Disease
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: Clematis ST, West Palm Beach, FLORIDA 33401
PHONE: 7866237795
Critical Care,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cancer/Oncology,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vegetarianism,Dieting,Dysphagia,Wound Healing,Weight Management,Healthy Eating,Renal Nutrition,Hypertension,Drug-Nutrient Interactions
Company: Smart Wellness LLC
OFFICE 1: 1555 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, FLORIDA 32207
PHONE: 904-803-5213
IN BRIEF: A functional medicine trained nutritionist who Inspires people’s potential to heal using whole foods. I provide clients with the highest level of personalized care using evidenced based research while assisting them towards optimal health for the prevention of diet and lifestyle related disease.
Cancer/Oncology,GI/Digestive Disorders,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Weight Management,Food Allergies,General Nutrition, Wellness,Prenatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Hypertension,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Autoimmune Diseases,Alternative Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Vegetarianism
Company: Nutrition to Fit
OFFICE 1: 5077 Fruitville Road Unit 109 #151, Sarasota, FLORIDA 34232
PHONE: 9413137026
IN BRIEF: I help you stop dieting, for good, by working with you to discover intuitive eating and how to live a healthy life more authentic to your individual needs. Obsessing over the scale and trying to figure out which diet is right is overwhelming. I help you sift through this information overload to see ...
Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Food Allergies,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,General Nutrition, Wellness,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Recipe Development,Product Development,Postpartum Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Pediatric Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Writing for Online and Print,Alternative Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Community Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Neonatal Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Healthy Eating,GI/Digestive Disorders,Public Health
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 4815 W Boulevard Ct, Naples, FLORIDA 34103
PHONE: 239-331-9069
Education, Teaching, Training,Vegetarianism,Cholesterol Management,Nutrient Analysis,Sports Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Hypertension,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Exercise Physiology,Menu Planning,General Nutrition, Wellness,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Cancer/Oncology
Company: Lagasse Nutrition Therapy
OFFICE 1: PO Box 785, St. Augustine, FLORIDA 32085
PHONE: 904-803-6344
IN BRIEF: Master's level Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist with 13+ years experience in the field of Nutrition. I am a certified Intuitive Eating Professional with many years experience with disordered eating concerns and all eating disorders. I also have experience with general nutrition therapy, chronic di ...
Healthy Eating,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Alternative Nutrition,Postpartum Nutrition,Pediatric Nutrition,Cancer/Oncology,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Weight Management,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Heart Disease,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Food Allergies,Eating Disorders,Childhood Obesity,Prenatal Nutrition
Company: Eat To Live Nutrition, LLC
OFFICE 1: Home visits - Miami Beach area, Miami Beach, FLORIDA 33140
PHONE: 305-978-7718
IN BRIEF: Barbie's mission is to provide education and guidance on how to use food to improve quality of life. She believes that with any condition and at any age, nutrition and lifestyle are the most important tools in optimizing overall health and happiness. Barbie will teach you how food can be enjoyable A ...
Food Allergies,Nutrient Analysis,Dysphagia,Food Safety,Vegetarianism,Recipe Development,Gerontology,Prenatal Nutrition,Hypertension,Food Guide Pyramid,Education, Teaching, Training,Healthy Eating,Autoimmune Diseases,Bone Disorders,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Community Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Renal Nutrition,Home Health Nutrition Care,Bariatric Surgery,Heart Disease,Menu Planning,Sports Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Research,Liver Disease,Dieting,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Writing for Online and Print,Weight Management,Wound Healing,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Stroke,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets
Company: Kim Lett Nutrition LLC
OFFICE 1: 3257 Windy Wood Drive, Orlando, FLORIDA 32812
PHONE: 321-430-5992
IN BRIEF: I help clients look and feel great by getting them on the right diet plan for their busy lifestyle. My clients get results!
Hypertension,Dieting,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Education, Teaching, Training,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cholesterol Management,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Heart Disease
OFFICE 1: 1415 Panther Lane, Naples, FLORIDA 34109
OFFICE 2: 10201 Arcos Avenue, Estero, FLORIDA
PHONE: 239-300-0072
IN BRIEF: Barbara Lewin, RD, LD is a registered and licensed integrative dietitian and sports nutritionist. For over 25 years she has been teaching athletes effective and realistic ways to improve their health, optimize performance and successfully manage their weight. I work with a wide range of conditions p ...
Nutrient Analysis,Sports Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Alternative Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Hypertension,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Cancer/Oncology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Education, Teaching, Training,Vegetarianism,GI/Digestive Disorders,Writing for Online and Print,Gerontology,Sales and Marketing,Dieting,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Cholesterol Management,Menu Planning,Autoimmune Diseases,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Prenatal Nutrition,Weight Management,Heart Disease,Food Allergies
Company: Julien Nutrition Institute
OFFICE 1: 21160 Mainsail Circle, Suite H-14
Aventura, FLORIDA 33180
PHONE: 7863263262
IN BRIEF: Nutritionist with 27 years of experience teaching healthful eating habits to all ages. A new twist...I have expanded my services to include home visits to families, adults and children--a wonderful convenience, and we get to look in the pantry together! Based on behavior modification, exercise a ...
Developmental Disorders,Postpartum Nutrition,Home Health Nutrition Care,Dysphagia,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Pulmonary Disease,Heart Disease,Cancer/Oncology,Liver Disease,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Sports Nutrition,Neurology,Nutrient Analysis,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Food Allergies,Cholesterol Management,Pediatric Nutrition,Stroke,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Childhood Obesity,Vegetarianism,Food Guide Pyramid,Bone Disorders,Dieting,HIV/AIDS,GI/Digestive Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Surgery,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Wound Healing,Gerontology,General Nutrition, Wellness,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Autoimmune Diseases,Renal Nutrition,Menu Planning,Bariatric Surgery,Education, Teaching, Training,Weight Management,Writing for Online and Print,Hypertension,Eating Disorders,Prenatal Nutrition,Healthy Eating
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 5331 ben brush trail, Tallahassee, FLORIDA 32309
OFFICE 2: 5331 ben brush trail, Tallahassee, FLORIDA 32309
PHONE: 850-273-2727
Food Allergies,Writing for Online and Print,Eating Disorders,Vegetarianism,Food Safety,Renal Nutrition,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Heart Disease,Education, Teaching, Training,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Wound Healing,Hypertension,Computer Nutrition Systems,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Research,Dieting,Nutrient Analysis,GI/Digestive Disorders,Pediatric Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating,Sports Nutrition,Recipe Development,Weight Management,Postpartum Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Stroke,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Product Development,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Menu Planning,Childhood Obesity,Sales and Marketing,Gerontology,Home Health Nutrition Care
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: Dietary Projects, Weston, FLORIDA 33326
PHONE: 954-260-5046
IN BRIEF: As a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, I offer consulting services on food allergies, food intolerances, healthy menu development and nutrition analysis to corporations, restaurants, cruise lines and hotels. My most recent project included the planning, development, execution and Implementation ...
Writing for Online and Print,General Nutrition, Wellness,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Food Service,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Menu Planning,Healthy Eating,Food Allergies,Culinary Arts,Recipe Development,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Product Development,Food Safety,Nutrient Analysis,Sales and Marketing,Kitchen Design,Dieting
Company: Care Resource
OFFICE 1: 871 W Oakland Park Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA 33311
PHONE: 954-854-1122
IN BRIEF: Nineteen years of experience in the management and provision of food and clinical nutrition services in the healthcare industry.
Community Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,Home Health,Gerontology,Education, Teaching, Training,Wound Healing,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Computer Nutrition Systems,Public Health,Liver Disease,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition,Recipe Development,HIV/AIDS,Critical Care,Wound Care,GI/Digestive Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Food Service,Healthy Eating,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Menu Planning,Food Safety,Geriatrics,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Cancer/Oncology,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Administration/Management,Hypertension,Writing for Online and Print,Sports,Heart Disease,Cardiovascular/Pulmonary,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Exercise Physiology,Sports Nutrition,Dieting,Cholesterol Management,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Weight Management,Acute Care Hospital/Clinical Practice,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Education,Pulmonary Disease,Culinary Arts,Home Health Nutrition Care,Dysphagia
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 7747 Mitchell Blvd, Suite B
Trinity , FLORIDA 34655
PHONE: 727-316-5941
IN BRIEF: Christina is an eating disorder specialist transitioning clients from an eating disorder treatment program or helps clients find a fresh start. Provides nutrition therapy in the outpatient setting.
Eating Disorders,General Nutrition, Wellness,Healthy Eating
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 1124 Lakeview Rd, Clearwater, FLORIDA 33756
PHONE: 3522380377
Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Dieting,Postpartum Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,General Nutrition, Wellness,Prenatal Nutrition,Community Nutrition,Weight Management
Company: Healthy Concepts Consulting
OFFICE 1: 2546 Northbrooke Plaza Suites, Naples, FLORIDA 34119
PHONE: 239-297-8844
IN BRIEF: Betsy is a registered and licensed dietitian along with being a certified diabetes educator. She has a strong background in clinical nutrition therapy along with counseling skills, which help educate individuals on the proper preventative care for their nutritional needs. Allow Betsy to come to you ...
Food Allergies,Bariatric Surgery,Sports Nutrition,Nutrient Analysis,General Nutrition, Wellness,Weight Management,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Menu Planning,Vegetarianism,Community Nutrition,Private Practice,Dieting,Healthy Eating,Hypertension,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Company: Healthy Lifestyles
OFFICE 1: 924 Desirade Ave W, Venice, FLORIDA 34285
PHONE: 9417165669
Public Speaking, Lecturing,Healthy Eating,Community Nutrition,Weight Management
Company: Back To Balance, Inc
PHONE: 5713341059
Menu Planning,Acute Care Hospital/Clinical Practice,Geriatrics,Healthy Eating,Postpartum Nutrition,Critical Care,Hypertension,Weight Management,Wound Care,Home Health,Dysphagia,Renal Nutrition,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Childhood Obesity,Education, Teaching, Training,GI/Digestive Disorders,Liver Disease,Wound Healing,Neurology,HIV/AIDS,Autoimmune Diseases,Prenatal Nutrition,Home Health Nutrition Care,Private Practice,Gerontology,Heart Disease,Orthopedics,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Dieting,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,General Nutrition, Wellness,Pediatrics,Women's Health,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Cancer/Oncology
Company: Preferred Nutrition
OFFICE 1: 2380 South 3rd St. Suite 1, Jacksonville Beach, FLORIDA 32250
PHONE: 904-270-1234
Public Speaking, Lecturing,Menu Planning,Education, Teaching, Training,Postpartum Nutrition,Pediatric Nutrition,Eating Disorders,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,GI/Digestive Disorders,Prenatal Nutrition,Renal Nutrition,Healthy Eating,Alternative Nutrition,Recipe Development,General Nutrition, Wellness,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Bariatric Surgery,Heart Disease,Food Allergies,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Vegetarianism,Weight Management,Sports Nutrition
Company: FMC
OFFICE 1: 9835 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FLORIDA 33467
OFFICE 2: 3427 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NEW YORK
PHONE: 561 969 7799
IN BRIEF: Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition with over 15 years experience in different areas of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Renal Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,Alternative Nutrition,Heart Disease,Weight Management,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Menu Planning,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,General Nutrition, Wellness,Cholesterol Management,Healthy Eating,Bone Disorders,Gerontology,Liver Disease,Food Allergies,Developmental Disorders,Nutrient Analysis,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Company: Yoga Loft Naples
OFFICE 1: 9123 Strada Place, Suite #7115
Naples, FLORIDA 34108
PHONE: 239-260-7725
IN BRIEF: Karli completed her Master's degree and Dietetic Internship at The University of Florida in 2001. Since then she has worked as a clinical and wellness dietitian at Naples Community Hospital in Naples, Florida. In addition, she now offers private nutrition consultations at Yoga Loft Naples at The Mer ...
Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Menu Planning,Cancer/Oncology,Dieting,Drug-Nutrient Interactions,Neurology,Hypertension,Wound Healing,Healthy Eating,Food Guide Pyramid,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Stroke,Community Nutrition,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Postpartum Nutrition,GI/Digestive Disorders,HIV/AIDS,Liver Disease,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Education, Teaching, Training,Cholesterol Management,Bariatric Surgery,Bone Disorders,Renal Nutrition,Surgery,Pulmonary Disease,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Pediatric Nutrition,Prenatal Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,Heart Disease,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Gerontology,Weight Management,Vegetarianism,General Nutrition, Wellness,Critical Care,Food Allergies
Company: NA
OFFICE 1: 10661 Airport Pulling Rd, Naples, FLORIDA 34109
PHONE: 201-693-2224
IN BRIEF: Trained exclusively in Columbia University's exclusive Nutrition and Exercise Physiology program, I understand the balance of diet and exercise, as well as the metabolic state of the body. I combine the different facets of those wellness areas to create your individualized program. Some people may n ...
Rehabilitation,Computer Nutrition Systems,Gerontology,Eating Disorders,Nutrient Analysis,Product Development,Home Health Nutrition Care,Weight Management,GI/Digestive Disorders,Prenatal Nutrition,Education, Teaching, Training,Sports Nutrition,Alternative Nutrition,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Culinary Arts,Healthy Eating,Kitchen Design,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,HIV/AIDS,Heart Disease,Dieting,Cholesterol Management,Sales and Marketing,Liver Disease,Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free Diets,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care,Renal Nutrition,Foodservice/Restaurant Management,Bariatric Surgery,Food Service,Postpartum Nutrition,General Nutrition, Wellness,Childhood Obesity,Menu Planning,Lactation Nutrition/Breast Feeding,Food Allergies,Stroke,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Writing for Online and Print,Recipe Development,Cancer/Oncology,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Developmental Disorders,Exercise Physiology,Vegetarianism,Community Nutrition,Public Health,Hypertension
Company: Elaine Hastings Consultants
OFFICE 1: Fort Myers / Naples, Fort Myers / Naples, FLORIDA 33907
OFFICE 2: Dallas Area, Dallas Area, TEXAS 75034
PHONE: 239-281-7955
Cancer/Oncology,Sales and Marketing,Hypertension,Eating Disorders,Stroke,Public Speaking, Lecturing,Community Nutrition,Wound Healing,Menu Planning,Dysphagia,Diabetes, Hypoglycemia,Renal Nutrition,Vegetarianism,Surgery,Dieting,Food Guide Pyramid,Heart Disease,Product Development,Rehabilitation,Alcoholism/Substance Abuse,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Critical Care,Sports Nutrition,Media Skills, TV, Online, Print,Public Health,Food Safety,Nutrient Analysis,Education, Teaching, Training,Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition,Childhood Obesity,Computer Nutrition Systems,Healthy Eating,Writing for Online and Print,General Nutrition, Wellness,Research,Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements,Home Health Nutrition Care,Recipe Development,Bariatric Surgery,Weight Management,Exercise Physiology,Long Term Care, Nursing Home Care
Company: Just Fuel LLC
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IN BRIEF: Home visits conducted to promote a relaxed setting and to help educate clients about the food they purchase. For Eating Disorders, we can do excursions and food/shopping challenges.
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IN BRIEF: Dietitians are the experts when it comes to nutrition. Are you looking to feel better, look better, or gain more energy? Lose weight? Lower your blood pressure or cholesterol? Manage your diabetes? Change your eating habits? I can help! I offer in-person, over the phone, or online consultations, an ...
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RDs and the Patient with Osteoporosis

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Plotting and Interpreting Growth in Children

On-Demand Webinar on Identifying Growth Problems and Supplementation Solutions .