Category: Clinical
Job Location: Livingston, NEW JERSEY
Job Title: Registered Dietitian
Post date: 01/22/2018
Employer: Weightlossand Wellness Center
Job Website:
Job Number: 7359

Job Description & Responsibilities:
General Summary:  The primary responsibility of the dietician is to provide nutritional evaluation, consultation, and education to patients

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•	Assesses patient nutritional status, diet history, and food habits.  Determines risk levels/needs and provide written nutritional evaluation for each surgical candidate pre- and post-operatively 
•	Provides dietary assessment and plan summary for medical record
•	Develops/implements plan of care for patients and follow up via phone and office visits
•	Provides ongoing nutritional counseling regarding implementation of weight loss strategies as prescribed by surgeons and/or metabolic physician
•	Develops and teaches classes to surgical candidates meeting nutritional objectives as prescribed by surgeons including counseling on proper nutritional intake and food preparation pre- and post-operatively
•	Works in conjunction with clinical and support staff to ensure all patients are properly cleared for surgery
•	Participates in educational seminars as needed
•	Coordinates and participates in support groups
•	Meets with surgeons and staff to discuss patients, new products and standardization of patient care
•	Develops and updates patient education materials 

Skills and Abilities Required:
•	Skill in nutritional principles through appropriate assessment of status/needs and development of care plans based on appropriate calorie levels and nutrient adequacy

•	Skill in patient/staff education by effectively developing and conducting educations programs and serving as a resource
•	Skill in understanding the nutritional impact on health status by developing appropriate diets for patients with various disease states and diet deficiencies
•	Skill in accurately assessing patient weight and lifestyle factors and appropriately determining calorie level and diet
•	Skill in developing and delivering classes in an enthusiastic, motivational manner.
•	Skill in participating effectively as a member of interdisciplinary team, interacting appropriately with physicians, nurses, and other health educators
•	Ability to communicate and work effectively with a variety of patients, families, and staff.  Able to speak persuasively, with a professional manner and image, in front of groups
•	Able to help patients problem-solve about making appropriate lifestyle changes
•	Organizational skills to accurately keep track of patient status
•	Time management skills and multi-tasking capability to monitor numerous patients simultaneously
•	Self-motivated and able to work autonomously

Minimum Education and Training Required:  
•	ADA registered dietician (R.D.) 
•	Current Registration with Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) 
•	National license required
•	Minimum 3 years experience as dietician

Preferred Education and Training:
•	At least 2 years in health setting as a dietician and patient educator
•	Experience working in bariatric program
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This job posting will expire: 02/21/18