Category: Freelance Writing/Editing
Job Location: Any, CALIFORNIA
Job Title: Nutrition Writer
Post date: 03/12/2013
Employer: Demand Media
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Job Number: 6092

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Hiring Nutrition Writers

Demand Media Studios is looking for leading 
Nutrition experts to contribute premium online 
content for our network of popular sites. This is 
an ideal opportunity for experts looking to grow 
their personal brand and become an established, 
authoritative voice in the industry. 

By contributing with Demand Media Studios, you 
have the opportunity to put your byline and work 
in front of thousands of visitors on a daily basis 
while supplementing your income. Article 
assignments average 300-500 words and topics cover 
a range of areas, including healthy eating, 
personalized nutrition plans, and more. You will 
be able to hand-pick the topics you want to cover 
in order to position yourself as an expert on your 
choice of subjects. 

-	Compensation. Writing assignments start at 
$20-$30 per article and payments are delivered 
twice a week.

-	Focus on Expertise. Choose the areas that 
you want to focus on in order to establish 
yourself as an authoritative voice in your 

-	Perks. Take advantage of our benefits 
including paid registration at conferences, cash 
awards and other incentives to reward our writers 

Writers are asked to submit a relevant resume and 
a writing sample demonstrating your ability to 
write concisely on a topic. Be sure that your 
resume highlights any professional experience, 
certifications or particular areas of expertise 
within the Nutrition field.

Please apply through our website's online 
application at the link here:

Please do not apply via email. All resumes must go 
through our website.
Posting your resume on our site can make applying for this position easier. If you have a resume already posted in our database, click the button below to send it to this Contact Email address automatically.

Contact Name and Title: Demand Media Studios
Contact Email: Must go through website
How to Apply:

This job posting will expire: 05/11/13