Category: Other
Job Location: Memphis, TENNESSEE
Job Title: Field Representative - Independent Contractor
Post date: 02/22/2013
Employer: Stericycle
Job Website:
Job Number: 6084

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Stericycle invites you to join our growing 
network of Independent Contractors and assist 
with projects in your area!   Stericycle 
Independent Contractors play an integral role in 
providing the highest levels of service and 
support to our Customers.  
This project involves the assessment and 
evaluation of beverage dispenser machines in 
various restaurant outlets.  Tasks include 
performing hands-on testing on product samples 
directly from the fountain beverage machine 
according to specific testing procedures.  There 
is specific equipment used to implement the 
testing procedures which are provided.  Other 
tasks involve taste testing of sugar and diet 
beverages, sanitation evaluation, water testing, 
and product inventory.  
On average you will visit approximately 8 
locations each month.  Audits will be scheduled 
Monday – Friday avoiding peak service hours for 
each location.  The project will require 
training in mid-late January at a predetermined 
site.  You will be required to travel out of 
state for the training.  This specific project 
requires a Bachelors Degree and preferable a 
Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist 
In addition, we offer a variety of interesting 
and challenging assignments. Projects may be 
performed in addition to your current 
professional obligations and can also 
accommodate flexible schedules.  Stericycle 
offers competitive hourly rates for each project 
and our web-based system allows you to self-
assign projects that fit your busy lifestyle. 
We are looking for individuals who are 
professional, reliable, honest and take pride in 
completing a thorough and accurate job. We 
conduct our business with the highest standards 
of professional and ethical behavior and invite 
you to do the same. Contractors must be able to 
work independently, and should have strong 
interpersonal, written and verbal communications 
Please forward your resume to  In addition you 
will be required to the complete the paperwork 
for our contractors.  The paperwork is available 
For additional information please contact  
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Contact Name and Title: Cheryl Charbonneau
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How to Apply: Various locations in Memphis

This job posting will expire: 04/23/13