Category: Consulting
Job Location: Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO
Job Title: Registered/Licensed Dietitian
Post date: 02/21/2013
Employer: Armstrong Nutrition Management
Job Website:
Job Number: 6081

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Registered/Licensed Dietitian needed in 
Albuquerque, NM. Part-time hours: 8 hours every 
other week. Permanent position with Armstrong 
Nutrition Management.
Armstrong Nutrition Management is an 
organization of knowledgeable, practical and 
dynamic dining and nutrition professionals! ANM 
provides an array of services designed to 
achieve high levels of quality and cost-
effectiveness in every area of food service 
operations. Company website:
We are looking for enthusiastic, driven 
candidates who are passionate about nutrition. 
If you are looking for an exciting opportunity 
and want to be part of our dynamic team of 
professionals, this is the job for you! ANM is 
seeking Part-Time RD’s for the Albuquerque, NM 
Bachelors’ degree in Dietetics and/or Food and 
Nutrition. Registration with the Commission for 
Dietetic Registration required. Must be licensed 
in state of New Mexico.
Must have a strong knowledge of State and 
Federal Regulations for LTC. Knowledge of 
sanitation standards is required. A strong 
background and knowledge in clinical nutrition, 
including enteral feeding assessment, is also 
required. Must have at least 2 years experience 
as a clinical RD in a long term care setting.
Services will be performed according to company 
standards and may include:
• Inspection of food service operations with 
guidelines to assure adherence to State and 
Federal standards. 
• Inspection of Sanitation to assure compliance 
with the latest edition of State Food Service 
Sanitation Rules and Regulations.
• Medical record documentation for nutrition 
assessment and enteral feeding. Visitation and 
education to Residents in assigned accounts as 
needed. Evaluation of Resident’s nutrition and 
dietary needs; documentation of such.
• Review of and (with care) revision of menus 
and recipes to meet facilities’ needs. Visits 
with clients for purposes of menu development 
and revision. Will assist with seasonal menu 
cycle changes working with the company menu 
• Preparation of work routines, cleaning 
schedules and orientation procedures in order to 
facilitate the function of the food service in 
accounts assigned. Periodic evaluation of 
staffing with recommendations to the facility 
• Periodic review of Diet Manual and Policy and 
Procedure Manual to assure its adequacy for the 
facility. Development of new policies and 
procedures as needed for Food Service and 
• Instruction to Food Service Supervisor 
regarding nutritional documentation and 
completion of assessments in order to meet 
standards as set in policies. As requested by 
the facility, the Consultant Dietitian may be 
asked to act as a preceptor for the Dietary 
Manager Course.
• Provides in-services to facility staff as 
• As requested by facility, be present at times 
of survey and assist in writing Plan of 
• Ongoing communication with facility 
administrator and nursing supervisors through 
written reports (both standard and confidential 
reports) and through exit meetings on 
consultative visits. Prepares written report for 
each consultative visit.
• Provide all reports in a timely manner. 
Provides weekly report of hours in a timely 
• At all times maintains a professional image 
and works in a manner consistent with the 
philosophy and objectives of the company in mind.
• Strives for self-improvement by maintaining 
continuing education requirements. Keeps current 
with changes in LTC regulations and remains up 
to date regarding information needed to complete 
the job well (i.e. survey issues, changes in 
enteral formulas, policy updates, etc.).

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This job posting will expire: 04/22/13