Job Location: Fremont and Modesto, California, CALIFORNIA
Post date: 02/18/2013
Employer: GSPM
Job Website: NA
Job Number: 6076

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Registered Dietitian  needed for multi-specialty 
medical group. Full-time or part-time


Provides individual education and therapeutic 
counseling sessions for patients according to 
center’s guidelines.
Provides nutritional assessments and develops 
nutritional plans for patients.
Coordinates with physicians and patients on 
dietary needs.


Registered Dietitian Certification.
Two years of working experience. 
Excellent written and oral communication.
Traveling to locations required.
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Contact Name and Title: Hiring Manager
Contact Email:
How to Apply: Fremont, California Modesto, California

This job posting will expire: 04/19/13