Category: Clinical
Job Location: Midlothian, TEXAS
Job Title: Registered Dietitian
Post date: 02/08/2013
Employer: Walnut Grove Family Health Center
Job Website:
Job Number: 6065

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Registered Dietitian (Midlothian)
 Job Title:
 Clinical Dietitian (Nutrition Support)
 Facility Name:
 Walnut Grove Family Health Center
 Facility Address: 4440 E Hwy 287 Midlothian, 
Texas 76065
 Registration and Licensure Requirements: RD/LD 
required; CNSC required
 Experience: Registered and licensed dietitian 
Responsibilities: Provide high quality nutrition 
care to clinic patients in general medicine, 
cardiology, diabetes and childrens obesity. 
Great team work with health care team members. 
Other responsibilities would include nutrition 
support order writing.
  Individual should possess:
 •Knowledge and experience in nutrition support 
and use of evidence-based nutrition guidelines
 •Excellent communication skills (both verbal 
and written)
 •Ability to work effectively as a team member 
with other dietitians and the multidisciplinary 
 •Excellent organizational skills
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Contact Name and Title: Earl C Ruby DO or Helen
Contact Email:
How to Apply: Walnut Grove Family Health Center 4440 E. Hwy 287 Midlothian, Texas 76065

This job posting will expire: 04/09/13

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