Category: Consulting
Job Location: Tampa, FLORIDA
Job Title: Registered Dietitian - Tampa, FL
Post date: 01/22/2013
Employer: Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc.
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Job Number: 6038

Job Description & Responsibilities:
Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc. is currently seeking 
a qualified Registered Dietitian Consultant in 
Tampa, FL. 

Nutritious Lifestyles has been providing premier 
nutrition and foodservice consulting services 
since 1986. Nutritious Lifestyles offers 
competitive pay, flexibility, comprehensive 
training and professional and personal growth 
opportunities for the right candidate. 
Nutritious Lifestyles has opportunities in long-
term care, pediatrics, home care, menu 
development and much more! 

Registered Dietitian 

The primary duty of the Consultant Dietitian is 
the provision of professional medical 
nutritional therapy for clients, which includes 
nutritional assessment, care planning, 
monitoring and revision of the care plan as 
indicated.  The provision of medical nutrition 
therapy requires the use of professional 
discretion and judgment based on the dietitian’s 
specialized knowledge of medical nutrition 
therapy, chemistry, metabolism and biology under 
the guidance and direction of the Clinical 
Supervisor or Mentor, and a thorough 
understanding of the state and federal 
regulations.   The dietitian develops plans of 
care that meet the clients’ needs in a creative 
way using independent judgment and knowledge of 
medical nutrition therapy and considers the 
clients’ medical, social and physical aspects 
and impairments using creative judgment under 
the direction and guidance from the Clinical 
Supervisor or Mentor.

The dietitian will also provide specialized 
guidance and monitoring of food purchasing, 
production and service, and food service 
sanitation, and provide information to each 
facility on budget, cost control, staffing, food 
quality and sanitation. The dietitian will 
provide management services and direct 
supervision of the dietary function during 
absence of the Dietary Manager and during 
emergencies. The provision of these services 
will require knowledge of the state and federal 
Food Codes and independent judgment and 
discretion based on the dietitian’s academic 
training and experience under the direction and 
guidance from the Clinical Supervisor or Mentor.

The dietitian serves as nutritional expert 
during the state and federal survey process, 
dealing with surveyors in a professional manner 
and using specialized knowledge and judgment in 
assisting the facility in demonstrating 
compliance with state and federal regulations 
and assisting in the development of nutritional 
plans of correction as needed under the guidance 
and direction of the Clinical Supervisor or 

The dietitian will conduct other services in 
each facility as contained in the contract 
between the facility and Nutritious Lifestyles, 
Inc., including assisting in kitchen 
administration, counseling and education of 
dietary staff. 


1) Completion of  specialized academic training 
in dietetics, including a minimum of a four year 
degree in food and nutrition science from an 
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) 
approved university and completion of  either a 
CUP program, internship or Master's program (AP-
4) approved by the AND.
2) Current Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist by 
the State of Florida.
3) One year of experience in food service 
management or clinical dietetics is preferred

For immediate consideration, call Dana at 407-
894-1444 and/or submit resume.
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Contact Name and Title: Dana Webb
Contact Phone: 407-894-1444
Contact Email:
How to Apply: 918 Lucerne Terr. Orlando, FL 32806

This job posting will expire: 03/23/13