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How do I setup email alerts for job postings in my state or in states where I'd like to work?
1. First make sure that you have logged in.

2. Click the Setup Email Alerts link from the top right corner of the site.

3. From the listing of states provided, click the Yes radio button for each state where you'd like to receive email alerts. Now, whenever there is a job posting for a state you've selected, you'll receive an automatic email notification for that state.

Why should I put up my resume?
We have over two thousand registered job providers/employers. If you want to be noticed by these companies, you'll want to add your resume to our database.
Who will see my resume?
Only registered job providers will see your resume. It is not made available to the public or other members who haven't registered as job providers.
How do I add my resume, edit, or delete it?
1. First login.

2. Select the Dietitian Jobs section, followed by the Post, Edit, Delete Your Resume option.

3. If you do not have an active resume with us, you'll see the Post Resume button. Proceed to fill out the resume form with your information.

4. If you do have an active resume with us, the system will give you the option of viewing it, editing it, or deleting from our database.


What are your rates for posting jobs?
Take a look at our rate sheet for more information on our various pricing options.
How do I sign up as a job provider/employer?
1. Select the Dietitian Jobs option from the main menu, followed by the Job Providers (Post Jobs) option.

2. You'll notice that you have two options to register as a job provider.

If you have not signed up as a member on the site, click the Register as Job Provider button and fill out the Job Provider registration page.

If you are already a Dietitian Central member, login in. When you access the Job Providers page, the system will give you the option of filling out the Job Providers registration page with some of the fields already pre-populated.

How do I post a job?
Once you have registered as a Job Provider, you must first select a job subscription package. Go to the Job Providers page to see the different types of job posting packages available to you.

How do I take advantage of free access to your resume database and email alerts?
All you need to do is purchase a job posting package such a 1 60 Day Job Posting, 5 60 Day Job Postings, or a Featured Job Posting.

Once you return to the same Job Providers page, the system will know that you've purchased a job posting package and will show you your Job Providers Control Panel. There you'll see the Post a Job link, as well as the number of days of resume access you have been granted. Click the Resumes option from the Dietitian Jobs menu to view all available resumes.
How do I update or remove a job posting?
1. Select the Dietitian Jobs option from the main menu, followed by the Job Providers (Post Jobs) option.

2. On the Job Providers page, you'll see all of your active job postings listed under your control panel.

3. Click the Edit button or the Delete button for each job you want to edit or delete.

How will I know how well my job posting is doing?
Besides actual communications from job seekers, your Control Panel will show you the number of views (hits) received. These can be Summary Views or Detail Views. Summary Views tell you the number of times the link to the detail page has been viewed. Detail Views tell you the number of times the actual detail page has been opened.

I just purchased a job posting. Do I have to post it right now?
No. There are no expiration days for job postings you've purchased that you haven't yet used. Your Job Provider Control Panel on your Job Providers page will show you the number of postings you've purchased, how many you've used, and how many postings you have left.


What type of services do you offer corporations and organizations?
We can offer monthly billing, reporting, and electronic data feeds from your database to ours. Call us at (631) 392-0612 or email us at Webmaster@DietitianCentral.com for more information.