Susan Dopart

How Should You Tailor Your Diet Therapy for Insulin Resistance? with Susan Dopart

November 13, 2019

Guest(s): Susan Dopart

Topic(s): Cardiovascular Disease,Diabetes/Endocrinology ,Insulin Resistance

Talk Recording

What is insulin resistance, what causes it, and how does it affect metabolism and health? Susan will answer any and all questions regarding metabolism in the womb, across the lifestyle spectrum and into menopause.


Selected Questions:

Are there levels of insulin resistance?

hoping you can discuss the role endocrine disruptors play in developing insulin resistance. Also, sarcopenic obesity regardless of BMI.

I've heard the uterine environment is somewhat responsible for metabolism - can you elaborate on that?

Please explain how insulin resistance makes it harder for individuals to lose weight. How can we best inform our clients so they do not get discouraged?

What are the blood markers to look for with insulin resistance?

What are the latest recommendations and research regarding LCHF diet for insulin resistance

What are your thoughts on Selenium's association with decreased insulin resistance?

What causes our metabolism to decrease as we age ad what can we do about this?

What's exercise's role in insulin resistance?

Will eating foods with a low glycemic index decrease insulin resistance?