Valerie George

How does emotional arousal impact dietary change in your clients?

January 30, 2019

Guest(s): Valerie George

Topic(s): Counseling Tips,General Nutrition

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According to the original Transtheoretical Model of Change, emotional arousal plays a pivotal role in whether or not individuals initiate change and if they continue with new behaviors thereafter. So, the question is, how can we support our clients and patients in helping them stay motivated by understanding the importance of emotional arousal-how it happens and the power of this phenomenon.


Selected Questions:

Can you please explain the Transtheoretical model of Change?

Do you think the "Everything in moderation" concept is the most effective educational approach for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

How can emotional arousal be assessed?

How can I illustrate and emphasize to my client the importance of emotion in successfully making their intended dietary change?

When you ask your client the question: "What excites you about making this change," and you get a negative response, what should you do?