Functional Nutrition with Lindsay Malone and Kylene Bogden

Functional Nutrition with Lindsay Malone and Kylene Bogden

November 26, 2019

Guest(s): Lindsay Malone, Kylene Bogden

Topic(s): Functional Nutrition,Trends

Talk Recording

Curious about Functional Nutrition? How does it differ from a conventional approach and is there science to support it? Join Registered Dietitians Lindsay Malone and Kylene Bogden as they share their experience using both a conventional and Functional Nutrition approach within the same clinical center. They'll review what Functional Nutrition is and how the approach is implemented in a clinical setting. Bring your questions and comments for an engaging conversation on this up and coming area of dietetics.


Selected Questions:

As a School RDN, I am interested in transitioning into a career with Functional Nutrition. What are some things I can do to begin making that transition?

Both of these questions may already be included in the presentation: * Are functional nutrition counseling and laboratory tests expenses considered out of pocket or eligible for reimbursement by health insurance providers? If yes, which types of tests or conditions are most likely to be eligible for reimbursement. * Are there best practice Functional Nutrition training programs that are currently recognized by the ADA and the American Medical Association?

Can Functional Nutrition therapies include supplements and herbal remedies that are not FDA approved?

Can RDNs obtain certification to practice Functional Nutrition through the Institute for Functional Medicine, or can it be done through the AND?

How do you bill or what can you bill for Functional Nutrition?

The AND has a specialty practice group called DIFM (Diet in Integrative and Functional Medicine). Is there a difference between Integrative and Functional Medicine?

What is AND's (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) stance on Functional Nutrition?



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