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How To Nail A Job In Sports Nutrition with Amy Goodson

November 12, 2019

Guest(s): Amy Goodson

Topic(s): Sports Nutrition

Talk Recording

Interested in becoming a sports dietitian, but have no idea how to gain experience and get there? In this talk, Amy will walk through the skills, requirements and job components needed to be a successful sports dietitian, as well as provides you education resources to expand your knowledge and career potential. Amy will discuss the ins and outs of a variety of job opportunities in the sports nutrition field and what all is available.


Selected Questions:

What do you suggest is best plan for an RDN wanting to are-enter employment as sports nutritionist (initially had exercise physiology minor and an emphasis on sports nutrition 20y). Is it best to return to school and get a masters in the field first (Exercise Physiology with a nutrition focus)? It seems many are much younger newer RDNs. . . .