Diabetes Prevention

Liposomal Colostrum for Optimizing Nutritional Health with Alicia Galvin

November 8, 2019

Guest(s): Alicia Galvin

Topic(s): Autoimmune Diseases,GI Disorders,Inflammation

Talk Recording

There is a lot of talk these days about using immunoglobulins for gut health, but what sets colostrum apart from these other individual components? Colostrum is the first food for any mammal, but bovine colostrum has a very unique place for human consumption. Bovine colostrum supports a healthy GI tract and has been shown to help improve gut hyperpermeability (think leaky gut) which is a primary contributor of autoimmune disease and inflammation. But colostrum's benefits go beyond just helping to improve gut health, as we will discuss how colostrum also helps to regulate the immune system, can influence most any autoimmune condition, supports skin integrity, can be used topically or orally, and is extremely safe to use in a wide range of people. Plus you will learn how a unique liposomal delivery exponentially enhances these benefits and can be a vital addition to the dietitian’s toolkit.


Selected Questions:

Can colostrum be taken by lactose or dairy sensitive individuals?


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