Diabetes Prevention

The Microbiome With Holly Herrington

October 4, 2019

Guest(s): Holly Herrington

Topic(s): GI Disorders

Talk Recording

Can you tell us the latest research on the microbiome. Do supplements help or harm it? It's the hot new buzzword these days.


Selected Questions:

Does/How does fasting effect microbiomes? What about for people who do cleanses? Thank you

Is there a set amount of stains of bacteria in probiotics that have been shown to be beneficial?

Please tell me everything you know about spore-based probiotics! For example, are they more likely to reach the colon? How much research has been done on their efficacy? Thank you!

What are your thoughts on recommending probiotics to help restore the gut microbiome for people recently diagnosed with a GI condition such as Celiac Disease, IBS or IBD?

What, if any, evidence is there that probiotics and gut health can aid in the symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders?



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