Diabetes Prevention

How does the microbiome affect our general health?

Guest(s): Holly Herrington

Topic(s): GI Disorders

Can you tell us the latest research on the microbiome. Do supplements help or harm it? It's the hot new buzzword these days.


Selected Questions:

Any association with an imbalanced microbiome and autism?

Any evidence on an association of improved microbiome with shorter hospital length of stay or improvement in life expectancy?

Do Holistic therapies benefit the microbiome? Yoga? Tai Chi?

Do probiotics modulate microbiome?

Does ones Genetic Background play a role in microbiome balance?

Does the ingestion of fermented foods promote improved microbiome? For example, Sauerkrat, kimchi, tempeh, kimchi, miso, kefir, pickles?

How does exercise affect gut integrity?

Is an imbalance of microbiome associated with auto immune diseases?

Is it better to avoid Animal products to improve microbiome?

What's better to improve one's microbiome, a vegetarian diet, Vegan diet, or pescatarian diet?

Where does Vitamin D fit in? Benefit or Risk?