Valerie George, Ph.D, L.D.
Valerie George

Dr. Valerie George received her Ph.D. in Nutrition from Laval University in Canada and has an MA degree in Educational Psychology and a BA degree in Food Science. She completed her post-doctoral studies at the University of Miami in Behavioral Medicine.

Dr. George was as Clinical Professor in the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition for twenty-three years where she taught and conducted research. Her expertise has been used to design and implement studies to understand the impact of environmental as well as psychological and metabolic variables influencing body weight. She has numerous publications in peer reviewed journals. She is also the author of the book, The Supermarket Diet. She has taught courses in nutrition counseling, nutrition education, nutrition assessment, research methods and ethics. She has successfully mentored undergraduate and graduate students in Dietetics and Nutrition and is dedicated to promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. She is currently working on a new book entitled, Stop Dieting, Start Listening and Move...Forward.