rlchorst posted Jul 18 at 9:16 am
Hello Dietitians of this website,

I have a question, a female friend of mine is trying to lose weight and picked up a "wierd diet" in which she is only allowed to eat potatoes and yoghurt.

She told me that she eats 2 potatoes (around 300grams worth) and 450g of greek yoghurt 10% fat a day. For the rest she drinks water. These will hereby be referred to as the "diet days".

On other da
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kelsiharaway posted Jan 24 at 4:36 pm
Hi Everyone!

Is anyone in possession of/willing to share a MNT cheat sheet handout to give clients with fibromyalgia?


Hi All,

I am growing my counseling practice, and before I recreate the wheel, I want to know if there are any evidenced-based, successful, weight management plans for dietitians to use currently on the market (or free of charge). My philosophy centers around eating real food and cooking from scratch as often as possible. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!

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jnhart posted Dec 8 '16 at 9:28 am
I am seeking advice from someone with experience in weight loss programs. I am working for an endovascular surgeon in his medical office, and he is wanting to start a weight loss program that I would be developing. I am curious about components/methods that you have found successful as well as pricing.

I am a fairly new dietitian and would like some advice on calculating calories. It seems that everyone I talk to calculates it differently. In my internship I learned to take the weight in kg (or adjusted body weight if the patient is over 125% of their IBW) and multiply it by 23-25 for weight loss, 25-30 for maintenance and 30-35 if the pt is underweight. If the patient is really active and desi
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hasaneha posted May 3 '16 at 11:12 am
What advice do you give patients who want to try the ketogenic diet for weight loss?

Are there any resources-books, lectures or CEU's that you found helpful when looking into the ketogenic diet for weight loss? This woman I am counseling seems relatively active, is doing the ketogenic diet and is under her calories for the day, is obese, but is not losing weight.

shandstar posted Feb 1 '16 at 7:28 am
Posted by johndean:
What do you say about weight loss surgery abroad?? Placidway has the best gastric sleeve offers abroad and there a lot.. Did you ever experienced medical tourism????

If you want to promote bariatric surgeries-you're on the wrong forum. No soliciting.
Looking for anyone out there who has experience with IBT for Medicare patients? I have read many handouts and watched webinars, but I think talking to someone directly about how the process works, how it is implemented, challenges, suggestions, etc. would be most beneficial.

Is there anyone you know of? Is there a list serve?
I appreciate any information!

lokiean posted Jun 4 '15 at 2:59 pm
ive been dieting and working out for over 6 months now. and for the last 2 months ive been on a law calorie,fat,carb and high protein diet.

Basically a day of eating is as follows

Breakfast: spinach leaves, serving of meat, multivitamin
Snack: whole almonds, Protein shake
Lunch: spinach leaves, meat serving
snack, Protein bar/gel
Dinner: spinach leaves , serving of meat.multivitamin

rdbon60 posted Sep 1 '14 at 5:09 pm
Interested in teaching materials to educate clients online and in person on weight management (loss/gain), diabetes, cholesterol, sodium, nutrition labels and other obstacles that result in unhealthy eating to provide during nutrition education. I have been a RD for a year and have nobody to work under or to show me what effectively has worked for me so I am trying to start a program at the YMCA
philmarx posted Jul 31 '14 at 6:54 am
Hi Guys

For my first post, I thought it fitting to share a link to an infographic on the Paleo Diet


CGR posted Jun 29 '14 at 11:01 am
Hi there,

I'm a newly registered, licensed dietitian looking to obtain a certificate in adult weight management. I was hoping someone could give some insight regarding the certification process... I am unable to attend the certificate of training in adult weight management programs in person so I've been looking at purchasing the online/self-study module. I've viewed the information on cdrnet
I work in a non-clinical setting, clients are participating in a 12 week program which includes diet and exercise. Some clients are Morbidly Obese.We use Mifflin to estimate their calories, but it still seems that RMR is very high (2800 cals, ect). My question is, it it okay to go below RMR in a Morbid Obese client? Any guidelines or standards on this?

NTRGRL122 posted Apr 17 '14 at 4:24 pm
When making energy recommendations for elderly women, do you ever recommend less than 1200? I've heard that you should never go below 1200, but it feels strange recommending 1200 calories for both a 65" woman and a 55" woman. Do you recommend less for elderly women under 60"? If you have any sources, that would be greatly appreciated.

Nela posted Mar 14 '14 at 12:34 pm
Does anyone know of resources (handouts, websites, reading materials) to use for a small business focusing on weight loss?

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