ebaty posted 1 day ago at 9:30 pm
Hi All,
I am an outpatient dietitian at a community health clinic. I teach monthly cooking classes. I am wondering if anyone knows of any workshops or seminars that teach professionals how to create cooking class curriculum and teach others how to cook. I know a lot, but with limited resources I am running low on unique ideas on recipes to create, tips to teach, etc. and I would love to attend
ks10332 posted 5 days ago at 8:31 pm
Good Afternoon everyone! I am hoping maybe this forum can lead me in the right direction. I'm at a loss right now, I have just taken the CDR exam for the 4th time and I have missed by 1 point the last 3 times. I've used every study material that I could possibly find. I'm now searching for a tutor. I want to pass this exam so badly, and missing by 1 point every time is so discouraging. If anyone
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Jq07f0 posted Nov 19 '17 at 2:08 pm
If you have failed the RD exam you are not alone. If you failed a few times you are still not alone. My daughter used Inman Guides and studied and failed then added Visual Veggies and I added prayers to St Joseph of Cupertino, patron saint of exams. No matter your religion ask St Joseph for help. My daughter passed second attempt. Good luck and dont ever quit.

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sschultes posted Oct 25 '17 at 2:49 pm
Hello everyone! I need some insight regarding career advancement and possibly taking my career in a different direction. I currently practice as a RD in LTC. I want to do more and do not feel challenged in my current role. I also do not feel LTC is my niche. Have any of you gone in the direction of Education (any level) or taken non-clinical positions as an RD and have advice or insight on the po
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kreich92 posted Oct 13 '17 at 1:28 am
I work mainly as an inpatient dietitian with the inpatient cancer unit and then I teach one class a month at the cancer center. Occassionlly I speak with patients over the phone, but I have an increasing number of people wanting one-on-one nutrition visits. However, my boss does not want me to see anyone one-on-one unless the cancer center can find a way to bill for it. Does anyone have any sugge
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kncantley posted Oct 9 '17 at 4:55 pm
Hello! I am looking for someone to answer a few short questions about the nutrition care process for an assignment for class. I would appreciate a lot anyone who is willing to answer.

The questions are as follows:

How long have you done the NCP?
What resources helped you learn it?
What are beneficial components of the NCP?
Are there any cons? If so, what?
Do you have any advice for
Grenada posted Jun 1 '10 at 11:47 pm
I am asking for help here. Can someone tell me how to pass this exam. I have taken it so many times that I am ashame to look at myself in the mornings. I am depressed, frustrated, tired, feeling useless, incompetent, stupid, penniless with all this money that I spent on internship plus the countless 200 dollars spent for re- exam, study, on line practice exam guide- flash card etc.Every time I ta
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suplada50 posted Sep 22 '17 at 5:57 pm
We started the Malnutrition project (screening tool, assessment toolkit, etc,,) in our hospital. A Mini Screening form will be completed by nursing on admission. When it hits a particular score, it will trigger a diet consult for RD To see patients in 24 hours. Is there a link that says RD to see Malnutrition triggered patients in 24 hours is mandatory? Our existing policy is to see high risk pt
cribun posted Jun 16 '16 at 12:38 am
Hi, I work for a community clinic and most patients here have MediCal. I need to learn if/what/under what circumstances MediCal (Medicaid) would pay for MNT. Does any of the webinars specifically address this issue? I see one that deals with reimbursement from Medicare and private payers but I am interested in MediCal-Medicaid.
Thank you.

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Cibb posted May 30 '17 at 11:50 pm
I am experiencing Refeeding Syndrome. I am getting sent away from hospital visits because no one is familiar with it and don't believe I have it. Can anyone recommend a practitioner in the state of Illinois who is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition? Thank you.

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bmillike posted May 15 '17 at 1:44 pm
I have been signing menus for a few years for this juvenile detention center near me. They've always looked very similar to my long term care menus, but this year they've changed to just cold or hot cereal for breakfast every morning with bread. On the cold cereal days they offer peanut butter. The protein portions are now bigger for dinner and in reality I'm sure this is more typical of how thes
Dietitian Central has recently learned that there have been scammers filling out the Contact Me form soliciting consultation services from RDs. Because we cannot guard against individuals who fill out a contact form such as the one we had available in the public directory with the intent to scam others, we have removed the Contact Me form altogether from this directory until further notice.
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boogity posted Apr 19 '17 at 10:13 pm
We have recently started a Heart 2 Home program for CHF patients. Obviously the importance of daily weights is being stressed. We are placing "home type" scales in each room. I know our other scales have to be calibrated routinely and state has asked for these records in the past. Does anyone know if that would hold true with regular bathroom scales? And if so, can we just have our maintenan
A nontraditional resume is a resume that includes more than a list of your employment history on a typed page or two of paper. Nontraditional resumes include info graphic resumes, online portfolios, video resumes, personal career-focused websites and blogs, social resumes and more of the types of resumes that go beyond just the facts when showcasing your experience, skills and accomplishments. He
Hello. I am a dietitian in a small community hospital with a small psych unit with approx 4 residents (>2 years in-house). How often should they undergo a nutrition screen? Monthly? Quarterly? Trying to create a screening protocol for this population.

Please advise, thank you in advance for your input.

Hi everyone!,

I am refreshing my clinical skills - specifically with writing clinical notes/charting, and keeping in mind pertinent information to include. So wish I had more of my internship books/notes!

Does anyone have a good online references for refreshing/organizing my notes?

More details:
I.e. assessment diagnosis, intervention, goals, etc. It's slighty different as the drug
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The organization I work for is in the process of building a Nutrition Clinic. Our hopes are to provide nutrition counseling to insured and uninsured, cooking demos, group classes/workshops. We have 2 dietitians and 2 nurses at the moment, but we want to make sure we develop a proper P&P and protocols for everything from the referral to the patients last visit. Any books, web sites, or person
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