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I just started working in an outpatient rehab center (accredited through medicaid and medicare) where the speech therapists teach the SOS approach to feeding which deals with food aversion. This involves preparing and serving food to the patients. I am looking for food safety guidance and what polices and procedures these therapist should be following regarding food safety. Right now they are n
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Today, the FSMA preventative controls rule is now being required in some businesses. These new requirements give importance on ruling the high quality and mostly the safety of the food industry for the benefits of the consumers. In this situation, it is really important for the business companies to get the best software solutions for the food safety management systems. And that is what the Goril
I need help from a reliable source for my speech about Food Additives I'm doing for school, here are the questions that need to be answered...
1. First off, what is your overall opinion on artifical food additives?
2. When you see the words "natural flavors" on a food item, what does it really mean?
3. Why are so many unsafe chemicals used in our food today?
4. Are there any food additives th
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