alouise55 posted Jul 31 '17 at 9:42 am
I was wondering if anyone had a workflow, etc for a DTR working inpatient. I am a RD that will have a DTR coming to work for me in a hospital and am wondering where to start as far as splitting patients up between the RD and DTR. Any information is helpful!

ksaiz1023 posted Nov 11 '15 at 4:25 pm
Hey guys, Ill be graduating with my nutrition degree soon. How the heck do you register for the DTR exam? I've looked up and down and cant find anything. It has to be somewhere on there...HELP! :)

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salesrd posted Apr 16 '15 at 4:46 pm
I am an RDN who owns a business called Supermarket Savvy that sells nutrition education tools and Supermarket Tour kits. I have not seen any DTR's offering supermarket tour class services, and I am wondering why. It seems like DTR's are a great resource for this type of education. I see "health coaches", "trainers", and "nutritionists" doing tours who are much less qualified. It seems like th
sstrates posted Mar 4 '15 at 1:14 pm
Was hoping I could get some advice in this area. I'm trying to study for the DTR exam but have been out of the college scene for quite a while. Where do I begin to study? For someone who doesn't have their text books any longer what is the best study guide to use and which resources do you think are the best to utilize? I don't want to waste time studying the wrong materials. Thank you!

emacer23 posted Oct 7 '14 at 10:52 am
Hi there. I have been practicing as an RD in the US for about 6 years and have decided to take the Canadian board exam this November. There isn't a review course for the Canadian exam like there is for the US one. I was wondering if there was anyone studying for the Canadian RD exam as well, or if anyone has any tips or ideas for review. So far I've been taking exams that I purchased
AngelaE posted Sep 30 '14 at 7:33 pm
I went to a job interview today at an assisted living facility in AZ. They had advertised for a Diet technician and the employer said the diet technician would handle TPN and tube feedings with the RD coming in once a week to sign off on them. This didn't sound right to me. Is this a new scope of practice? Thanks.

RBats posted Feb 22 '14 at 2:22 pm
Hi everyone! Im in need of some advice. Recently I have taken a very big interest in nutrition and decided to change my major to dietetics. Unfortunatley I have to move back home because of some family issues and am going to start off at a community college before transferring to a local state university. I am SUPER interested in hollistic nutrition especially in regards to oncology, however, I k
jes21sica posted Feb 13 '14 at 1:08 pm
Hi I am looking for advice from my fellow nutrition professionals. I am very frustrated with my current job right now. I am a newly credentialed DTR but have been working as a diet clerk the past year and a half. The clerks at my job do pretty much the same job as the techs (manage the diet office, supervise diet aides, supervise trayline, pass out nutrition education materials). When I was h
VMAB posted Jul 11 '13 at 8:34 am
Kathryn Oliver, DTR inquired and posted on LinkedIn about the Academy Facebook request “Everyone has a story – we want YOURS!” DTRs are welcomed to submit their stories too so all DTRs should use this as another vehicle to get the word out. The following message was posted on Academy Facebook June 18th:

"Everyone has a story - we want
I passed the DTR exam last August and became a DTR. I never really worked as a DTR and got matched to an Internship for this fall.

My card says the certification is good though August of this year. I would like to re-new the DTR credential so that I can hang on to it while I do my internship. It may help to at least have some credential when I am working at hospitals for my internship. It may
koliver posted Mar 29 '13 at 8:54 pm
Here it is....the beginning of a thread that will be a great promotional tool for our credential. This is our forum to tell inspiring stories of the impact that we have made in our clients lives and the impact that we have on our profession through our daily practice.

This is a forum where we can shine and show all who come to this forum the relevance of our credential in the future practice
dietech posted Mar 29 '13 at 7:18 pm
What are some ways a new DTR can distinguish him/herself to a potential employer when competing with more experienced people?

kc26 posted Mar 27 '13 at 3:21 pm
With so many medical facilities making the decision to not use DTRs anymore, along with the sparse number of DTR jobs that seem to be available, I'm wondering what other DTRs have done to create jobs for themselves. Have you started your own business, working for non-profits, etc.? How creative have you been in creating opportunities for yourself?

kc26 posted Mar 27 '13 at 3:14 pm
I just learned that there is a new scope of practice for DTRs; however, it appears you can only access it if you are a member of AND (which I am not). Does anybody know how I, and other DTRs who aren't members of AND, can access it? Thanks!

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