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Career Talk: Opportunities with PhD in Nutrition
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11/16/09 10:17 AM | Edit ReplyReply   |    Opportunities with PhD in Nutrition
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I'm contemplating pursuing the PhD in nutrition. The goal would be to contribute in the research and educational sector. Areas of interest would be primarily in nutritional genomics and nutritional genetics. Could anyone offer insight regarding educational institutions which would offer this type of education or any other details regarding opportunities with a PhD in nutrition?

11/16/09 02:01 PM | Edit ReplyReply   |    WSU
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Registered Dietitian

Wayne State University in Detroit offers a PhD in Nutrition.

11/16/09 02:05 PM | Edit ReplyReply   |    RE: Opportunities with PhD in Nutrition
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Registered Dietitian

I would look through all the Nutrition PhD programs (and there are a lot) to see if there are any professors with that particular type of research.

11/18/09 09:51 AM | Edit ReplyReply   |    PhD in nutrition
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Well that's what I'm doing right now and I will say I love it. Don't be worried over the amount of time it takes to finish the degree it flys by like nothing. I love the options I have that I can go into teaching/research/clinical much easier than I would be able to if I had just stopped at a masters. Most PhD students are fully funded too so that means no tuition and a stipend to live off of. And almost all my classmates are finding jobs or post-docs right out of school.

11/19/09 06:12 PM | Edit ReplyReply   |    PhD in Nutrition
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Atlanta GA

How long does it generally take to complete the PhD?

11/20/09 12:35 PM | Edit ReplyReply   |    PhD timeline
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I've seen some people do it in 3 years some people do it in 4 or 5. Depends on the project. Some schools if you have just a BS you can start as an MS and fast track into the PhD program so from BS-PhD take about 5 years. Others who have a nutrition background like me can get it done in the 3 year minimum, unless that's not enough time to finish the research project. If I can't find enough subjects, I'll have to stay for a 4th year. I've already been here 1.5 years and it feels like nothing in terms of time.

11/07/10 02:01 PM | Edit ReplyReply   |    PhD for non US citizen
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Los Angeles
Registered Dietitian

Hi Cherries, I would love to do my PhD too so i can be involved in research/clinical setting. Paying 4 yrs as an international student in a prestigious school plus closed to 10K internship free have totally put me in debt. Do you know any PhD program provide stipend/tuition waiver for international student?

11/09/10 03:11 PM | Edit ReplyReply   |    PhD stipend
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Yes, most of them do. I was from CT and if you have a research assistantship (usually close to 20k for a phd) you get a tuition waiver. I'm pretty sure the same thing goes for international students. I went to Uconn and they have a PhD program.

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