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  Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition
Question submitted on 09/01/07 by reshmaray to Mansi Shah:

Hi Mansi!
I'm a Clinical Nutritionist in a multidiscilinery hospital
in Kolkata, India. Here I do use Modified Harris Benedict
Equation (MHBE) with activity & stress factor to calculate
the energy requirement of any patient. My question is that
to plan a parenteral  nutrition therapy, how should I
calculate the energy requirement, with that MHBE only or
something else? I'm asking this because with that formula we
are getting the energy requirement when we are having food
through G.I. tract... as some kind of losses are there
during digestion & absorption, whereas in TPN the whole
nutrition we supplied directly into blood therefore chances
of loss of energy is negligible there. 
Eagerly waiting for your reply...

Reshma Ray
  Response provided on 09/02/07 by Mansi Shah:

Thanks for your question. There is no reason to use a 
different calculation method based on where you feed the 
In the US, standard practice doesn't suggest use of a 
different calculation method when feeding enterally or 
orally or parenterally.
I use the same calculation MHME whether it is an oral, tube 
feeding or parenteral feeding.


  Member's Final Comment (reshmaray):

Thank you Mansi for such a clear cut answer.


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